Thursday, September 11, 2008

Book Block: MARKET FOR LOVE by Jamaica Layne

And here we are with the second in the series! Like I mentioned before, different author, different Book Block format.

Written by Jamaica Layne

Title: MARKET FOR LOVE by Jamaica Layne
Publisher: Virgin Cheek
Release Date: October 14, 2008
ISBN: 035234203X

About This Book:
This novel was my first attempt at novel-length erotica, and also my first book to sell to a major publisher. I wrote the book based on experiences I had working in the Chicago financial industry, as well as my first-hand knowledge of what it's like to be an overworked, undersexed professional woman in the Windy City. I wrote the first draft in about a month and a half, with few revisions. My former agent read the manuscript and declined to represent it, saying "erotica isn't for me." So I then proceeded to sell it on my own, and then asked my former agent to negotiate the contract for me, which he begrudgingly did. The fact my former agent was not enthusiastic about erotica (nor does he understand how the genre works) that I sought my new agent, Lori Perkins (and subsequently Jenny Rappoport).

The acquiring editor Adam Nevill at Virgin accepted the book pretty much as-written, with only a few minor edits. Unlike many erotic romance novels out these days, this book has a very complex plot that drives the sex scenes, rather than the other way around. There's also a nasty villain and a couple of exciting subplots that take the whole novel to unravel. If you're looking for an erotic romance with plenty of meaty storytelling and a fast-paced urban setting, this is the book for you.

Plot Summary:
Miranda never mixed business with pleasure—until she met her new boss.

Straight-laced, conservative stock-market analyst Miranda Johanson has had a very bad day. First, she lost eight million dollars of her clients’ money. Then, if that weren’t bad enough, she had wild, no-holds-barred sex with a complete stranger on her coffee break—---and he turned out to be her new boss! Can Miranda get control of herself without losing her mind, or will her sexy new boss completely derail her career?

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Jamaica Layne

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Sounds like it would be a great movie, too.