Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Block: MOONSTONE by Marilee Brothers

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Written by Marilee Brothers

Book Title:
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Trade paperback and ebook
Length: 224 pages
Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

Book Block - Plot

The idea for my book, Moonstone, was planted long before it grew into a book-length young adult fantasy. It started with a friend I’ll call Brenda, who told me the incredible story of her childhood. She lived with her single mother in a twenty-four foot travel trailer parked next to a cow pasture. They had electricity, but no water or sewer hook-ups. Every week, they hitched their home to a pick-up truck and pulled it to a trailer park to dump their sewage. Her mother was unable to work due to illness and Brenda’s school clothes came from thrift shops and garage sales. Teasing from her classmates made her life a living hell.

I knew I wanted this girl for my protagonist. I knew I wanted her to triumph over her unfortunate circumstances, to gain power of those who would bully her. But, I needed a plot. My plot began with a series of what ifs. What if my protagonist, Allie Emerson, somehow gains paranormal powers? What if she has a friend, an older woman considered the town witch, who reads palms? What if Allie has a star on her lunar mound, indicating unique psychic abilities? What if the moonstone pendant she’s destined to wear comes with a prophecy that can’t be denied? What if a group of very bad people know Allie has the moonstone and are determined to get it? What if a former gang banger earns Allie’s trust and helps her fight the bad guys? What if, during this process, Allie finds her long-missing father?

I had my protagonist. I had my plot. My next challenge was to channel a fifteen-year-old girl. In spite of the fact I’m a long way from fifteen, I found it easy to slip back in time and remember how awkward and painful those years can be. When I wrote about Allie, I gave her the character traits I longed for at that age. She is a child of my heart. In a sense, she gave me the chance to re-write history.

My YA fantasy, Moonstone, was released by Bell Bridge Books in August, 2008, the first book in the Unbidden Magic series. The protagonist, Allie Emerson is fifteen and lives in a shabby travel trailer with her malingering mother. Allie develops paranormal powers when she falls off a ladder, bounces off an electric fence and lands in a cow pie. Shortly after, she’s given a moonstone pendant that comes with an age-old prophecy and discovers she’s destined to save the world from evil. What’s a girl to do but try!

Where To Get The Book: Amazon, Bell Bridge Books (has video trailer on the site too)

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