Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jenny, not Jennifer

Yes, this has to be like the third or fourth time I've made this post.

For the love of god, my legal name is Jenny Rae Rappaport.


Do not address me as such. Thank you.


Elissa M said...

I want to be all snooty and say how I would never make such a stupid mistake, but who knows what stupid mistakes I'll make anyway?

I'm sure you don't reject just because they got your name wrong, but it probably does make you less inclined to ask for more. Yet another reminder to pay attention when querying. Thanks.

Jodi Meadows said...

Soon they will just start calling you "Agent."

(I got one for you today "Dear Madame," and "Dear Agency" the other day. You are a woman of many names. ;)

Jenny Rappaport said...

Elissa M, it's not really a matter of making a stupid mistake, but continued misuse of the wrong name.

In this particular instance, the e-mail had my legal name in it because it needed it for a passport, and they sent me the confirmation back addressed, "Dear Jennifer".

I don't reject queries because they're addressed the wrong way... but it's like...someone writing, "Dear Mary Rappaport"... it's just not my name.

Chumplet said...

Oh, jeez, that had me scrambling to see what name I used in my emails to you.


Richmond Writer said...

My father's name is Don Williams. We never bothered to open mail addressed to Donald Williams. It irritated me when this stuff would come because the only Donald I knew I had an intense dislike for.

The other thing about Don is that in Latin America Don is a title. So when he would tell people his name was Don they would think he was knighted.

Lastly, his initials are D.R. Williams so sometimes he would be addressed as Dr. Williams.

Fun with names. My pre-marriage initials by the way were LAW.

Kristine Overbrook said...

I understand what you mean. My real name is Sara. All of my life people have spelled it Sarah. Even on work e-mails where my name is prominently listed in the from line they still reply "Dear Sarah"

I've gotten used to it, but I still feel a twinge when it happens.

evepaludan said...

Hi Jenny, spelled my first name wrong and refused to correct it. Nobody could find my book there. Thank goodness for Writer's Digest Book Club.

Eve Paludan
(not Eva!)

Ryan Field said...

They call me Brian all the time.

Chumplet said...

My name is Sandra but everyone keeps calling me Susan. I don't even have a sister named Susan.

Chris Redding said...

My best friend in high school was Vicki, not Victoria. Though I called her that to tease her.

Stella Sandberg said...

I had a pretty famous professor of German origin called Gabriele. She was living and working in the UK since her teens or so and spoke English like a native. All the brits referred to her as Gabrielle, though obviously her email signature said otherwise. It didn't matter how many times I spelled her name right, if I was mentioning her in an email to a Brit they would always reply calling her Gabrielle. Her name was even wrong on a journal she was editing!
Now I understand how you would get the spelling wrong if you'd only heard the name, since most Brits obviously pronounced it like "Gabrielle" and she seemed to accept that, but when it's spelled correctly right in front of your eyes? Would you just assume someone had accidentally left out an L?
I guess having an unusual or foreign spelling of a common name is worse in that respect than being called something so rare people will have to look it up... Though in the latter case a lot of arrogant (esp. older) people go "oh I can't pronounce that, I'll never remember that, I'll just call you Sue!"