Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kitten String

I know, there haven't been many Zoe pictures or posts on the blog lately, but that's because she's been very busy with a new enterprise. You see, my cat is obsessed with string. And she's decided that as a fully grown-up cat of two years old, she should help her family earn money for cat food and has gone into business for herself. Enterprising, isn't she? =)

So I present to you, Kitten String, which she helps me with on the weekends. I tend to do all the work, you realize... (and yes, for those who are going to get terribly worried, this is all very small-scale, I don't intend to stop being a literary agent any time soon, and I dye yarn because it's fun and relaxing. Bonus points, if you can name the other literary agent who dyes yarn for fun. Yes, she has a blog too.)


Jodi Meadows said...

*waves hands* I know the other one! I know the other one! (Wait, does it count if I told you who she was to begin with? :P)

Pretty colors, Jenny. *hypnotized*

Marva said...

Okay, this is obviously the "cat expert" post on this blog, so I'll ask a catty question.

We have a lot of ferals in our neighborhood. We decided to try to adopt one, who we fondly call Bitch Kitty. She's not (in no uncertain terms) coming into the house voluntarily. We did get her in once and my husband ended up with grievous injuries on many parts of his body when we tried to get her into the quiet room.

Any suggestions on how to lure in a pretty little cat who has the temperament of Atilla the Hun. She's at the door every morning and evening demanding food, but cannot be captured.

If we can't capture her soon, she might get snagged by Animal Control and end up on death row.

Please help!

Jenny Rappaport said...

Marva, I'm really sorry, but I have no idea how to lure in a feral cat. I would try contacting your local ASPCA for advice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hi-jack this post, but I'd like to see if I can help Marva.

Marva, where are you? Many places have cat rescues, who often look after the cats on the street. Try googling 'cat rescue [[place]]', where [[place]] is your city or state.

These groups will know how to best deal with a feral cat in your area.

Hope this helps.

And, back on topic... Cool colours, Jenny! I know some knitters -- do you ship to Canada?

Jenny Rappaport said...

bjmuntain, yep, to Canada and everywhere else. Thanks for liking the colors.

Nancy said...

That's some beautiful yarn there! I'm impressed you find the time, but I bet it could be a profitable hobby. I'm tempted to buy some, but I don't have time to be crocheting right now. :(

Nancy D'Inzillo

Just_Me said...

I have a horrible novice question to ask (that is completely off topic). The Federations Anthology that is coming out next year has a reading period from November through January. Does that mean I shouldn't submit until November or that I need to submit before November 1st?

Jenny Rappaport said...

just_me, it means you don't submit until November 1st. I'm not in charge of the anthology though, and all questions should be submitted to John Joseph Adams.

Chumplet said...

Nice colours. My cat is an expert with stray spools of thread. I once returned home to a single thread wound several times around the legs of every piece of furniture on the ground floor.

Good luck with Bitch Kitty, Marva. Maybe some catnip? And oven mitts.

Just_Me said...

*hugs Jenny*

Thank you! I've been debating for ages and I'm (I admit) scared to e-mail the editor in charge. You're much less scary.

Happy holidays! Enjoy your time off!