Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The US Economy and the Blogosphere, a tale in three acts

Yesterday's book block will be posted in an hour or two, after I get some breakfast into me (late start today), but I wanted to riff a bit more on the economic doom and gloom lately. Do I have more insight--not really. I'm enjoying reading people's insights and opinions in the other blog post from a few days ago; much thinking material in there to ponder.

But yesterday, you see, my daily blog reading consisted of the following on almost every single blog I read. Various acts made appearances on different blogs.


Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary is really an agent of Nigeria. Look, I've posted the "fake e-mail" that's circulating around the internet, comparing him to such.


The World is ending! I must buy food! I must get cash from the bank! Gloom, Doom, and more gloom and doom!


As American taxpayers, we shouldn't have to bailout Wall Street. Call your congressional representative--but wait, even though I'm giving you the phone numbers, don't call, because the phone lines have been busy for the last 48 hours. I'll give you the e-mail address so you can write to them! But wait, be cautious, the e-mails are starting to bounce too! But call and write anyway! Bad bailout!

May I ask that today, perhaps, we have slightly more variety in the subject manner of people's blogs? Is that too hard to ask? =)

I know this is a serious subject. I don't agree with the bailout the way it's structured now. I'm actually happy that it looks like American taxpayers, of both political parties, and all inbetween, are mad about this. The talking heads on the media are describing it as a rebellion. A little rebellion and standing up for yourself against the government can be good. But for the sake of my personal blog reading, could we talk about something else?


Elissa M said...

We're having gorgeous weather here where I live. It's not cold, but the air has that crisp fall smell that's better to me than any perfume. It's dry, though there might be rain this weekend. The range grass is turning back to it's normal lion-yellow after its brief summer-green outing. Wildflowers are still blooming, though not in their earlier abundance, and the trees haven't turned (but they will soon). Chilis are roasting, and it's time to get the hay stored and wood stacked.

What do you do to prepare for winter as fall approaches?

Jenny Rappaport said...

I've been stocking up on food in the freezer and dyeing yarn. That and we're trying to clean and get some things painted.

It sounds beautiful where you live, Elissa. =) It's just gotten a bit cool here, and it's quite pleasant outside.