Monday, October 27, 2008

Brief notes--read please

  1. I am undergoing a minor medical procedure this week, and will be out of the office from Monday-Wednesday. For emphasis, I will put this in caps: I AM FINE. THE PROCEDURE IS FOR DIAGNOSTIC PURPOSES. I'll be up and running and answering e-mail on Thursday. Expect blogging to be light until later in the week.
  2. If you have sent a snail mail query and have not received a reply to it, and you would like a reply to your original query, please do the following. One, read my current submission guidelines, which are linked on the sidebar. Two, following the current guidelines, resubmit your query via e-mail. If you'd like, note that it was originally a snail mail query. No more replies to snail mail queries will be sent. Please note that this does not apply to partials sent via snail mail. All partials and full manuscripts received via snail mail will get a snail mail reply.
  3. In accordance with the e-mail guidelines that have now been in effect for several months, if I receive a snail mail query, it will not be read. Thank you in advance for following the guidelines.


Jeanie W said...

Feel better soon.

Ryan Field said...

Glad it's minor...BTW...the book blocks have been great.

Just_Me said...

*chicken soup and healthy cookies*

Get better soon.

lotusloq said...

I'm glad it's not too serious. Thanks for keeping us up on what you're taking and where to send it.

I hope all goes well!