Friday, October 10, 2008

Dear John Green

My new favorite author is officially John Green because tonight, when I can't sleep, his book AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES has me rolling on the couch with laughter. Thank you, Penguin for offering the book at the attractive price of $3.99, which caused me to buy it at my local Barnes & Noble about a month ago.

John Green, if you read this blog, I'm sorry you won't be earning many royalties from that book price.

But I adore the book and I love Colin and Hassan and I think I was Lindsey Lee in high school, except I never mastered the pretending to be cool part. Thank you for writing a book for smart people. =)



Ryan Field said...

This sounds good.

Alethea said...

I *love* John Green. I got to meet him at a Brilliance Audio event in Michigan -- I highly recommend the audios.

And if you're not already a Nerdfighter, you should definitely check out Brotherhood 2.0!

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