Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BSG Thanksgiving present

I had a couple of ideas for a neat Thanksgiving post, but I haven't quite picked just the right one.

In the meantime however, I don't see why we can't give gifts for Thanksgiving too! =)

Look the Battlestar Galactica promo trailer for the last bit of Season 4! My DVR and I are waiting.

I'm laying my bets that Gaeta is the Final Cylon. And I will totally admit that I want Lee and Kara to have some sort of happiness together by the end of the series.


Anna the Piper said...

I gotta admit, when new BSG first came on the air I was dead set against Starbuck/Apollo--but they sold me on the concept as the series progressed. In no small part because I (heart) Kara, mixed up and crazy though she is. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm also betting on Gaeta because fo the scene in sickbay after he lost his leg where Anders says to the other Cylons "He sings." And remember Leoben talked about how they all "hear the music" when they first discovered the damaged base star.

But what about Leoben's season 1 claim that "Adama is a Cylon,"???

Hmm... db

Cora Zane said...

The wait for BSG to continue is killing me. As for the final cylon, I'm torn. Either Gaeta or Starbuck. Both have suffered, and neither were on board the ship when D'Anna came aboard and said that only 4 were on the ship. Honestly, though, if it's not Kara - how she came back from the dead is gonna haunt me for all eternity.

I spend entirely too much time thinking about this show, lol. ^_^

JKB said...

I'm with you, Jenny. I suspect it is Gaeta...but there are still questions to be answered.

- Baltar (I heartz him) how did he survive the nuclear blast?

- Starbuck - how did she survive her Viper exploding?

Good thing is next year I'm going to the FedCon (only con I know of over here) and will get to see Chief, PapAdama, and BALTAR


Jessica Freely said...

Gaeta is my fave pic for last Cylon, even though my friends all tell me that's ridiculous, that it has to be either Adama or Roslyn. But I adore Gaeta, and wish good Gaeta/Helo slash were easier to find.

I can't wait until the show starts again. I love speculating about all the haunting questions the show raises. I'll be bummed when its over.