Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Cat Endorsement

Yes, I forewarned you, it's the annual get-out-and-vote post. Feel free to read past. But just know that you miss the cat picture, if you do. =)

This year's post is different in that I'm not telling you to just go vote, which you should damn well do anyway, because people, it's your CIVIC DUTY. Do you understand how lucky we are that we get the right to choose our own leaders? That we get to participate in a democratic process?

No, this year is different because I'm actually going to mention that Zoe and I and Chris strongly think that you should vote for Obama. The past eight years of the Bush administration have been horrendous--he was and is a terrible president. Our economy is in shambles, he has totally trod over the entire Constitution, and we won't even get me started on the war in Iraq. Obama is not the best man in the world--he is largely running on charisma, but it's charisma backed by ideas that are feasible to implement, even in changed forms.

More importantly, he's not a Republican, and what the presidency badly needs now is a change in political parties. I want you to understand that I'm not against Republicans. There are many fine people I know, who I respect, who are Republicans. They are decent, upstanding people, who often are wonderful to converse with, even though I don't share their political or social beliefs. But they have frankly made a mess of this country, and if America wants to be seen as anything more than a fool in the eyes of the world, we must elect a Democrat. We can't afford to lose what little credibility we have left, and we can't afford to let this country go further downhill.

I can't force you to vote for Obama. I can only tell you what I believe and what I think. You can choose to be apathetic and not vote at all. But for god's sake, please go out and vote.

My father is undecided, and may very well cast a ballot for McCain today--the father who raised me as an ardent Democrat and who taught me a good deal of what I believe. I can't stop him, but I'm happy that he's even voting at all.

What I can give you, however, is the cat endorsement.

If you vote for Obama, I guarantee that you will keep more cats from having to sleep on top of suitcases in spare closets. You will keep them warm and sheltered and loved. They can have proper human beds to sleep in, and even buy stock options in Purina.

They won't have to be like this one. =)

Happy Election Day, folks!


Theo Lynne said...

Well if it's to save kitties...!

I'm really impressed this year by the amount of pressure (good pressure) for people to get out to the polls. I know this is going to be a historic election, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised. Either way I'm proud of people with influence (such as yourself) putting that pressure on people- it really is important!

Count me in for voting!

JKB said...

I'm with you 100%, Jenny. Over here it's amazing how EVERYONE is pulling for Obama. It's the most positive it seems the feeling for the US since for a long time.

Obama '08!! (And yes, I voted from here)

Jenny Jill said...

I am quite curious. There is a lot of buzz up here in Canada. It is most exciting as the US, with a population 10 times that of the Canada's 31 million people, has an influence on us.

But there is little information on everything you are voting on. I know that each state has a different timing for elections of governors, for example, but you also could be voting on referendum questions that are local issues. Am I correct?

Jenny Rappaport said...

jenny jill, you are indeed correct.

In NJ, in my particular voting district, we're also voting for one of the two Senate seats that the state has, as well as our local representative in the House of Representatives. We're voting for the Board of Freeholders (county government), as well as for the Township Committee (I live in a Township ruled by a committee).

In addition, we have two ballot initiatives, neither of them as controversial as anything in California or other states. One of them wishes to amend the state constitution to determine how the state is allowed to issue bonds, and wants to make the bonds subject to voter approval (and more ballot referendums). The other wants to change the appointment process for municipal judges. I *think*, although I'm not sure, that I'm voting "no" on both of those.

Ryan Field said...

I was as undecided as your father, Jenny. And I've *never* voted Republican in my life. But my indecision wasn't based on any particular dislike for either candidate. It was based more on the fact that I liked them both and wasn't sure who I liked better.

And either way this turns out, I'm so looking forward to letting go of the past eight years :)

Melissa said...

Me and Bill got our vote for Obama in this morning in Mass. We also got to vote for Kerry for Senate, which is nice because the last time I voted for him was in Ohio in 2004. My parents are both voting for McCain (in Fl!) but all their children are voting for Obama. Interesting family dynamics.


Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

I don't blame you. You aren't old enough to have lived through the Carter years. You don't understand what is going to happen in the next four years.

But you won't listen to me.

Perhaps you'll listen to David Mamet.

Why I am no longer a brain dead liberal

kiwiauthor said...

The world has a new President.

Well done America, well done.

The world celebrates with you and looks forward to an enlightened post-Bush era.

Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

Thanks, Kiwi.

We'll try a little harder to be a weak and ineffectual country who stands by and smiles while third world dictators kick us in the crotch.

Because it's more important for our leaders to be loved by a Frenchman than it is for them to protect their own citizens.

The liberation of 27 million Iraqis from a dictator (a dictator vocal about his desire to wipe out Israel and the US) sitting on the second biggest oil reserves in the world? Bah! Cowboy stupdity!

The liberation of 6 million Darfurians sitting on the the world's largest reserves of nothing? Now THAT is cool! When can we engage that war instead!

When the Jemaah Islamiyah move into New Zealand, call some other country for help. We just wanna be friends with everyone.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Thank you, Dwight's Writing Manifesto, for breaking the civil tone of the discussion and descending into mild troll-behavior. As is my custom, I'm closing comments for this post. I don't have time to deal with people who can't play nice.