Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The internet, it splotches

Well, pretty much like the post title says.

For those that are just joining us at LIT SOUP, thank you for all the congratulations both via blog comment and e-mail, on starting The Rappaport Agency! I really appreciate them, and I will do my best to reply to the e-mailed ones next week.

At the moment, I'm in Florida visiting my grandparents, whose internet connection is not the most stable. So as previously announced, I'll be offline for most of the rest of the week, and trying to get only the most critical e-mails answered, while my connection holds up.

And then I'll be back to business starting next week, so look forward to more Book Blocks (yes, they're continuing!) and regular posts. =)


Julie Butcher-Fedynich said...

Enjoy your vacation, and your grandparents. We aren't going anywhere.

ChristaCarol said...

Congrats, great news on the new agency! :)

lotusloq said...

I hope you're having fun in FL. With how cold it is around here, your temps must be dropping. I bet it's all the way down to the 60s or something.

Angelo said...

Ha! Probably warmer than that.. Every time it snows up here, I get a text message from my grandfather: "Hi, sitting on the beach. It's 70° here! How's the weather up there?"

He's a real funny guy...

Michelle said...

Congratulations on your new agency! I am glad to find someone who represents SF/F especially speculative fiction. (Which is what I write.)
A question if you don't mind. When you say no religious fiction what exactly do you mean? Where is that line on when something becomes "Religious"? It would help me to know what to submit to you. :)
Than You, Michelle

Anonymous said...


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