Monday, November 24, 2008

Note about the SFWA Reception

For those of you following along, SFWA very graciously holds a reception for the publishing industry every November in NYC. Colloquially known as the Mill 'n Swill, it's a wonderful networking event that I've enjoyed going to in the past.

Unfortunately, this year I've brought back a sinus infection from Florida, and so I won't be attending. This is the fourth year I've been invited, and two out of four years I've been ill.

I would like to humbly suggest that SFWA might choose a different, perhaps a warmer month, during which to hold the reception. Having it in November, right at the start of cold and flu and illness season, doesn't seem entirely practical to me.

That said, I'm sorry that I won't get to meet everyone who's attending this year, and I look forward to seeing you all at other events.

(And no, work doesn't stop because I'm ill; it just goes temporarily on hold for the rest of today until my head stops spinning. =)

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LeMotJuste said...

I kept looking for you but I knew you'd be better off at home bundled up with some fleecy blankets and hot tea instead of running around Manhattan in the rain. I enjoyed the event very much. Perhaps next year the gods of clear nasal passages will shine upon us both!