Monday, November 24, 2008

Please leave a message

One of the perks of being home again with reliable internet is that I can use it to do reverse lookup on people who have called my business number (which is a cell phone), but can't be bothered to leave a message.

Hello to Sherman Oaks, CA,; Salt Lake City, UT; and Richmond, VA. Please leave a message the next time you call. The voicemail is there for a reason, especially as I'm often on the phone with another person. If you don't leave me a message, I'm not going to be bothered to call you back. =)


Ryan Field said...

I just found out that if I ignore call waiting (sometimes a call is important and you don't want to take the call waiting), I can now not only see who called while I was speaking, but I can also retrieve a message they left from my e-mail. I usually just call them back if I ignore them during call waiting, but now I can screen first, which is nice.

Richmond Writer said...

For once I wish I wasn't Richmondwriter! Hey it wasn't me, I don't have anything to call you about. I've moved away from fantasy and science fiction, not the reading of it, Oh never that, but the writing of it.