Thursday, November 06, 2008

What LIT SOUP is

Since so many people seem to be confused about the purpose of LIT SOUP, let me take a second to clarify it for you.

LIT SOUP is the blog of Jenny Rae Rappaport, who has a day job as a literary agent, and in her spare time is a woman, a feminist, a writer, a baker, a knitter, a cat owner, a yarn dyer, a video game player, and many other things.

Although LIT SOUP was started on April 24, 2006 for the purpose of business promotion, it has long since ceased to be solely about that. After the first six months, I discovered that I had grown tired of reiterating the same things about the publishing business, and the blog developed a life of its own. People read it for different reasons: there are many who come here for the cat; there are others who come here because I'm a literary agent, and they enjoy the infrequent insights into the publishing industry, which are solely my opinion; there are others who come here because they like my writing; there are readers who come here for the Book Blocks; and finally, there are others who come here because they wander across it in their search for a literary agent.

If you are looking for a blog to give you constant advice about how to get an agent, this is not the blog for you. I recommend you read Nathan Bransford or the archives for Miss Snark, which are both excellent resources. If you come here in your internet wanderings and you would like to stay, you are welcome to do so. I like and respect the readers that have stuck with this blog through the last two years, and I've greatly enjoyed getting to meet many of them at conventions.

Although business promotion does occur on this blog, primarily promoting the books of my clients, and making available for public record the deals which I post to Publisher's Marketplace--LIT SOUP has not been a pure agenting blog for years. If you've come here, and this is your impression, I am sorry that I've not conveyed its purpose adequately.

LIT SOUP is what I choose to write and share of my life and my work.

LIT SOUP is how you get to know *me*, when you've never had a chance to meet me in person.

LIT SOUP will probably continue to change, as the years go by, and I continue to change and redefine its purpose.

Thank you to everyone who reads it. You guys mean the world to me. =)

If you come here and find it's not to your taste, then feel free to move on. Thank you for stopping by.


Ryan Field said...

I like the fact that the blog is always changing.

You're welcome. And thank you, too.

Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

hey we got 2 things in common: we are both cat-owning feminists. whoo!

Cory said...

And another cat-owning feminist right here!

Your blog is honestly one of my favourites on my IMO quite impressive blogroll. Your publishing posts are informative, your personal posts are interesting, and both of them are very enjoyable and well-written. From what I've read here over the past year or so, you seem like an awesome person, and I absolutely can't wait to finish editing my novel so I can query you already :)

BJ said...

And some of us find you while looking at agents, and stay for the entertainment. :)

Of course, I'm a dog-owning old fogey, but I think I can get along with a cat-owning feminist. And if I disagree with something you say, I keep it to myself and don't let it worry me. (although I do get a little expressive when I disagree with a comment - sorry about that. I've got a big mouth.)

This is your blog, after all. It's like being invited to your place, which is full of cat and yarn, and is just pleasant to hang around. Thanks for inviting us in.

Kristine Overbrook said...

I'm terribly allergic to cats, sorry...

I read your blog, because when I stumbled across it looking for an agent I found your humor and outlook to be similar to my own.

I write dark paranormal romance, and that doesn't really seem to be your thing, but I'll continue to query for each finished novel. Only because something I finish might catch your eye, and that would totally make my day.

But if it doesn't that's ok, I'll read your blog anyway. :)

It's a good, interesting read. Especially about Zoe, I get to enjoy a cat without actually being near one.

I plan on reading Lit Soup as long as you continue to write it. Thank you. :)

acpaul said...

I don't own a cat. But I am owned by two of them. I am a woman. Does that qualify me as a feminist? And I enjoy the variety on this blog and with therefore continue to read it unless someone kicks me out or the world comes to an end.

Gina Black said...

I did find you because you're an agent. Did I miss the blogs on yarn dying? I'm about to look into that myself.

Justus said...

I'm so angry that You use Your blog in selfish ways!!

Not really.

I'm subscribed, ready to gobble up any goodies that come my way. :)

Richmond Writer said...

I found you because you were one of the agents I was pitching to at a conference. I return often because of the entertainment.

My cats wear costumes, poor darlings.

Lisa Iriarte said...

I'm curious about the video games. Which ones do you play?


Justus said...


I'm guessing her favorite video game is "Living the Literary Life." You get to be an agent who is constantly trying to dig out of a slush pile. Think "ET" from Atari.

Amie Stuart said...

CAt owning feminists RAWK! I like that your blog isn't all agenting all the time :)

Kate said...

I love your blog. And the thing is, it's YOUR blog, as someone else said. You can say whatever you want. I'm shocked that anyone would refuse to send you their work or stop reading your blog because of politics, either, but whatever. Their loss. I'm sure you'd rather not deal with such closed-minded people, anyway.

Write whatever you want to. There are many agent blogs more political than yours. There are others that stick straight to publishing, as you said. In the end, this is what Google Reader is for. I like the variety and the different personalities. Keep doing what you're doing! You have many fans :)

lotusloq said...

I'm a dog lover, but that's okay. Just because I love dogs doesn't mean I wouldn't send you a query. I'm a writer, a baker, a knitter and a reader extraordinaire--so I like to look at it like there is more that unites us than divides us. Of course, I knit International style, if you knit American style, I may have to rethink the whole "sending you my query" thing. ( :

I keep coming here because I enjoy what you have to say. I came here looking for agent info. I stayed because I like hearing what you have to stay. It's that simple! I love Nathan's site and Miss Snark's. They have their purposes and are so helpful.

I can't believe anyone would think they can dictate to you what you should write on your blog. HELLO! It's YOUR blog! Some people are so pushy! They want to control even the things that are not theirs to control. I say if they want a platform, let them start their own blog. Isn't there freedom of speech in this country? Seems like I heard that somewhere.

Have a great weekend!

Theo Lynne said...

I couldn't imagine writing a blog that doesn't change... it would actually be quite boring.

I'll stick around :) (even if I'm not a cat owning feminist)

Elissa M said...

I can't imagine why anyone would think they have a right to tell you what to write on your own blog (which seems to be what inspired this post). You're so much more polite than I would be in addressing such persons.

I like blogs that stick to one subject, and I like blogs that don't. I think it has something to do with that mysterious thing called "voice".

Keep blogging about whatever you want. Just don't change your voice. :)

clindsay said...

Yeah, sadly, I get the same angry people sending me emails about how I should stick to writing about being an agent.

My response to that is this:

I've been an agent for less than a year. I've been a whole person for 46 years. Which part of me is likely to be more interesting?