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Book Block: SIGHTLESS by Mary Duncan

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Written by Mary Duncan

Book Title: Sightless: An Eyes of Garnet Novel
Genre: Historical/Adventure/Paranormal/Romance
Format: Paperback and limited edition hardcover (coming soon)
Book Length: 376 pages
Publisher: Sense of Wonder Press
Release Date: August 2008

A brief overview: In this second installment of the Eyes of Garnet trilogy, Catrìona Robertson faces the perilous voyage across the sea to be with her father, Angus Robertson, one of the many injured Jacobites of the Rising of 1745 in Scotland. He was sentenced to seven years of indentured servitude in the American Colonies. Cat, the former Seer for clan Donnachaidh, has to keep a low profile in colonial Boston while she tries to fit into the growing commonwealth. However, her visions are guiding her to a place wild and untamed, not in the bustling town of Boston, but in the Province of Maine.

But trouble follows Cat wherever she goes, as Scottish pirate Greame Hay finds out. He may live to regret the day he finds the feisty redhead aboard the ship he was looting, when he takes her to the land of her visions and they settle with the Lobster Clan of the Penobscot Indians. As battles are fought for the country she lives in, Cat is faced with a different kind of fight—one in a supernatural realm with a Mohawk Shaman bent on seeing the Penobscot people decimated. Will her abilities be strong enough to overpower this madman, or will he destroy her and the new family she’s found?

The Book Block: As an amateur genealogist and lover of all things Scottish, I began my writing career while attempting to uncover my husband’s past. His family always wondered where in Scotland they had emigrated from, and I was going to be the one to find out. I learned everything I could from the clan systems to the terrain of Scotland. I even went so far as to begin the learning process of one of the most difficult languages on the planet: Scottish Gàidhlig (pronounced GAHH-lik).

But something happened while I was writing down facts. A character emerged, then another. They were powerful enough to capture my attention, so I used the facts I’d uncovered in my story, and two and a half years later Eyes of Garnet emerged. Now, the second book, Sightless, has taken it one step further.

It just goes to show that sometimes the simplest plans make for the best subjects, and when you’ve immersed yourself in a place, it becomes the perfect backdrop.

Where To Get The Book: Any online site, most bookstores in Maine, and at

Mary’s website and blog: Mary's Website, Mary's Blog

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Mary Duncan said...

Thank you for posting Sightless for me, Jenny! I've just completed my final draft for Double Vision, the third in the Eyes of Garnet trilogy, and I'm looking forward to getting it published.

Mary Duncan