Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! (a bit in advance)

So, it's 8:37 am right now, as I type this post, on December 31, 2008. The last day of the year! =)

I have always liked New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Watching the ball in Times Square drop on TV; drinking champagne or eggnog; eating rumballs (a total family tradition); sometimes getting to see family or friends. It's a great holiday.

This year, Chris and I have been sadly remiss in making any holiday plans (this is what happens when I leave it to him to make the plans), so unless our one friend comes through about dinner tonight, it's just the two of us and Zoe. But that's ok, cause we'll go out to a movie and get Chinese food for dinner, and then come home and make brownies and watch the ball drop on TV and be happy together. Life is very good sometimes. =)

There's been that "happy meme" going around on people's blogs lately, and I've been tempted to do it. But I thought, what I really wanted to do was name the thing in 2008 that made *me* the most happy, and then I wanted to hear from all of you guys, even if it's something silly!

So for me, here it is:

The happiest thing for me in 2008 has been having a great holiday season. Going to Christmas with Chris' family, and my family's annual Hanukkah party, and feeling loved and happy and enjoying myself at both. A close second is my new bookcases. =)

Your turn now! What was the happiest thing for you in 2008? Leave it in the comments!


JKB said...

Having my Black Cat survive his heart attack and get well again. That is the best part.

Jarucia said...

This is tough. I'd like to say something global like 'everything to do with my writing' as that would be true.

However, if I had to pick one moment of pure personal bliss it would be when I won the customer review portion of Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award. Sure I was disappointed that my MS didn't make it out of the semi-finals, but to have won something so significant based on SOME writing effort of mine helped boost my confidence as a writer immensely.

Happy New Years and cheers to 2009...I feel it's going to be great!

Carole said...

The best thing is being finished. My first novel, Five Years Lying, is published unconventionally on the webpage
I believe e-books that can be read on any computer with Internet access is the wave of the future.

laughingwolf said...

happy new year to you and yours :D

ryan field said...

Adopting a new puppy in March was a highlight.

Happy New Year.

Lisa Iriarte said...

Hmm, I guess for me, the kids doing better in school is a big one (we have adopted special needs kids who struggle with a lot of things.) Still having my two dogs despite their advanced years - one is 15, the other 10. I also got to meet some amazing authors and agents this year, and I picked up an author mentor which was likely the most incredible thing that happened to me this year.

Elissa M said...

I have many things to be happy for, but I guess the happiest moment was selling our old house. Second happiest was closing on our new one.

Lisa Iriarte said...

Happy New Year, Jenny!

acpaul said...

Happiest thing of 2008: Not one of my patients died without permission while under my care.

And yes, that's a very odd way of phrasing it, but I work in CVICU, and the reality is, sometimes we purposefully withdraw care.

Dara Edmondson said...

We also do Christmas with DH's family and Hanukkah with mine, but it's often a disfunctional family function;-) Happiest thing in '08. Hmm. Finding out our teenage son's medical scare was just that - a scare. Definitely the happiest moment of the decade!