Monday, December 01, 2008

Ravenous Romance launch

As many of you may know, my good friend, Lori Perkins, has been working on a not-so-secret project over at Ravenous Romance. Their website and e-book line has just gone live, so hop on over and check it out!

(You should note that since Ravenous Romance is an erotica publisher, the link may be NSFW. This didn't occur to me, until people commented on it, so I'm sorry for any misunderstandings you may have had because of it. Here, work consists of me and the cat... we don't really have content standards. =)

Ravenous Romance website


James Buchanan said...

I just sent them a short story I had written a few years ago so thanks for the link.

James Buchanan

Kimber An said...

Uh, looked like Erotica to me. Not my cup of tea.

Is this a good place to post a blog question?

I have a bunch of stories in my head and I cannot finally decide which one to polish up for submission. I researched the market far and wide and had decided on a steampunkish YA Historical. Now it seems the economy has leveled the playing field. I have five favorite stories. All of them fall into either Historical or Science Fiction in some way and all are female-focused. Any advice?

Kimber An said...

P.S. I love all the stories the same, so 'write what you're most passionate about' won't work.

Heidi C. Vlach said...

Oh man, ninety-nine-cent short stories? Popcorn costs more than that! Thanks.

Maybe a NSFW warning would be a good idea for the link, though. The nude lovers in the Maestro's Butterfly ad would be awfully hard to explain to a boss, I'll bet.

BJ said...

Was thinking the same thing, Heidi. I checked it out at work and immediately had to leave the site. This is not a site to check at work. Especially if you're in an open office format or you work for the government. You could attract some less-than-worklike attention - and some comments from your boss!