Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So, the other thing I've been doing lately is totally loving Twitter. You can find me there, as @jennyrae.

And one of the cool things about Twitter is not only is it an incredible social and news network, but it also now hosts what must be the world's shortest stories.

Meet Thaumatrope, a new 'zine edited by Nathan E. Lilly, which aims to publish speculative stories that can be told in 140 characters or less (yes, CHARACTERS, not words). I think it's a great experiment, and I've sold four little pieces of what I'm calling Twitter fiction to him. He's paying pro rates of 5 cents a word, which works out to $1.20 per Twitter story bought. I have earned myself one and one-third hot chocolates from Starbucks! =)

You can read all the stories right here, if you don't regularly use Twitter. (If you're thinking of hopping on Twitter, I recommend Twitterfox, which is a client that integrates with the Firefox web browser.)

My stories are currently scheduled to appear on the following dates:

December 21, 2008
January 28, 2009
March 1, 2009
Undetermined April 2009 date (it's an Easter story, this one)

Please do hop over and not only check my stuff out, but check out how other authors are experimenting with this ultra-short form. =)


Sina'i said...

Glad to be able to follow you on Twitter, too, Jenny!

Out of curiosity, how does one submit to Thaumatrope? I looked around, but didn't see any submission guidelines.

Still, even if they aren't looking for submissions, 140 character stories sound like excellent practice for me!

Jenny Rappaport said...

Sina'i, on the right sidebar, above the contributor pictures, there is a tiny little link that says "Submit". Took me awhile to find it too. =)

Anonymous said...

My experience with Twitter has been kind of hit and miss (have found some great content but also have a tendency to get overwhelmed by all the chatter).

This, however, sounds like tremendous fun (I had previously thought of private twitter accounts for my characters as an experiment).

Signed up for a new twitter account (one that links back to my writing blog) and submitted two tweets. Will be interesting.

ryan field said...

I'm going over. I started a month ago and I'm just learning.

Amanda said...

Thank you for the tip! I just sold four of them for April and May. :) And I'm loving the ones they've already put up. Good stuff!