Friday, January 02, 2009

Annotated Links, 1/2/09

I do not always think blogs should be a series of links; they should try, at most points, to showcase good writing and interesting ideas. Yet for the longest time, I have wanted to post a bunch of random links, which I know so many other people do; I don't think it will be a regular thing, but as I come across them, I figure, I'll put them all together, once in awhile.

So, for your New Year's consumption, here's the following ones (and they're annotated!)

  1. Rooms A series of short pieces about the hidden rooms that are within a city, but which the residents are largely unaware of. I think there's great story and novel seeds hidden within here.
  2. Aquabid It's the Ebay of the international fish trading world. Because really, what you want to do is buy a fish, when you're up, late at night browsing, and then get it shipped from Thailand. There are very stringent regulations on what to do if your fish arrives dead... This one is beautiful though.
  3. When a Washing Machine *really* doesn't fit Yarn Harlot is one of my guilty reading pleasures, not only because it's about knitting, but because she has the ability to make everyday life hilarious. This has pictures and saws.


BJ said...

"All fish will be guarantee for live delivery , otherwise will replace with same quality fish ( Photo of are required )"

Not only is the writing terrible, but they are asking for pictures of *dead fish*. I understand the reasoning, but how do you tell a dead fish from a live one that has just been out of the water a bit long?

Marjorie said...

I hate a bunch of links in blogs. It gets me dizzy and I feel like I am detaching a retina from that blue mess. My blog is all about me. I am self-involved that way. I don't link to what somebody else has written.
But, if you love "rooms," check this out: