Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Book Block: FANTASY GIRL by Candice Gilmer

Having discovered the miracle of advanced scheduling, the Book Blocks will now be coming to you regularly at 10:00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, until I run out of content. And then they'll be back, as soon as people send me some more stuff. =)

Written by Candice Gilmer

Title: Fantasy Girl by Candice Gilmer
Release Date: September 30, 2008
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-60504-201-3

About this book:
By day, Lynn Broadmore leads a boring life as a mild-mannered bookkeeper, enduring one blind date after another. But by night, she’s “Hush,” webmistress extraordinaire, writing naughty stories for her adoring legion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction minions.

Now that there’s a new guy working in the next cubicle, though, real life is getting interesting. All Jack has to do is smile, and her insides turn to goo. To her complete surprise, she might even stand a chance against the office bimbo.

Undercover FBI agent Jack Edwards is on the hunt for a serial killer who trolls the Internet for victims. The trail has led to Lynn’s virtual doorstep, and he’s ready to do whatever is necessary to bring the killer down—including using two secret identities to gain her trust. Things get complicated, however, as the goofy fan fiction writer gets under his skin and starts staining his brain—and his heart.

Distractions are something he can’t afford right now…not if he’s going to keep her from getting hurt in what she thinks is a safe, on-line hideaway. Because between the pixels lurks a murderer.

And he’s chosen Hush, his fantasy girl, as his next target.

My Book Block:
How did I come up with this one? One night, while chatting with another fan fiction addict online I got to thinking about the fact that we were bonded in a really strange way—we were connected by a show. We’d never meet in person, we’d never talk to one another, but we bonded by the love of a story.

That connection was both weird and special. All we had was text on a screen, and what could be more pure than that?

However, people can be whoever they want between the pixels. Who they portray isn’t always who they are. What do we really know about the people we’ve met in chat rooms or at message boards?

Usually only what we read.

And that spawned an idea—how wrong can we be about someone through the internet? The news is littered with stories about internet predators.

Then it happened.




Two unrelated things—the fan fiction community, and the terror of a serial killer stalking—slammed together in a story idea.

Did my muses sprinkle me with that magic muse dust at the right moment? Were the planets aligned? Did my synapse fire just so creating a new idea? Heck, I don’t know. It just came together.

The idea, anyway. The book? That took about five drafts, shoving it under the bed, and staring at rejection letters until I wanted to scream.

But even though I wanted to, I didn’t give up. I knew in my heart it was a good idea.

Where To Buy The Book: Samhain Publishing

Candice's Website: http://members.cox.net/candicegilmer


ryan field said...

It's really an interesting storyline. The fan fic angle is good. I read it a few times.

Candice Gilmer said...

Thank you Ryan. :) So far it has gone over well.

And thank you to Jenny for posting the block. :) I appreciate it so much.

Rebecca said...

I'm into it. Mostly because I too love fanfic and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in particular. I used to be really involved in the fandom back in the day. *notes title for future reference*

Azzy said...

I'll be buying this book - sounds like a lot of fun, and as someone who seems to live off buffy fanfic lately it's right up my alley. :)