Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book Block: GORDATH WOOD by Patrice Sarath

I absolutely love the cover on this one.

Written by Patrice Sarath

Book Title: Gordath Wood
Author: Patrice Sarath
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Mass-market paperback
Publisher: Ace Fantasy (Penguin)
Release date: June 2008

Overview: Something strange is happening in Gordath Wood, the old forest surrounding a training stable called Hunter’s Chase. The police think Lynn Romano and Kate Mossland have been murdered; what actually occurred is much stranger. They’ve gone through a hole between worlds, into a medieval society at war. In a world that doesn’t ordinarily have use for women, the danger is great. Good thing Lynn and Kate aren’t your ordinary women.

Book Block: As writers we are always exhorted to 'show, not tell.' So in Gordath Wood I used dialog to advance the plot and evoke character. Here are some examples with most of the intervening narrative stripped out for simplicity's sake.

'What do you think?' Terrick said, his gruff voice low.
'Fantastic tales all, but she confirmed the reports of the weapons Tharp's gotten. Common, where she's from.'
'And if the girl's tall tales are true? If he has more weapons than those damned fancy crossbows?'
'Well then, how are your knees?' In the face of Terrick's surprise, Marthen went on, 'You will be on them, sir. You will be on them.'
The lord's face reddened with anger.
'You have a way with you, General; I don't deny it. But a word to the wise: If I am to kneel, I will be sure to do it on your back.'

By using dialog this way I was a lot freer to play with the storyline. Plus, it's fun. I got to know my characters better by consciously thinking about how they interacted with each other. What would they say and how would they say it? It's also a great way to do a clash of cultures.

'I don't know what my son was thinking,' he said. 'His pledge is not his own to make. Where he cannot give his hand, it is not right that he give his heart. He wanted to tell you this himself, but I thought it best it come from me. There. It is done.'
He glared at her as if to dare her to contradict him. She looked down...willing her tears to dry up.
'It's okay, Mr. Terrick,' she said. 'My parents wouldn't want us to get married either.'
His expression grew thunderous and she felt a flash of self-satisfaction. She hadn't meant it, but she had just turned the tables on him. Terrick rejected Mossland, and now Mossland rejected Terrick.

Where To Buy The Book: Amazon and many other bookstores

Patrice's Website: www.patricesarath.com


ryan field said...

Good example of moving the plot forward.

BuffySquirrel said...

That is a beautiful cover. Oh my.

Tochi said...

Good post, Jenny.

And yes, that is quite a nice cover. The blue/turquoise filter makes it look very serene.