Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Hugo Awards and Microfiction

So, I got curious today about whether my two sentence long piece of Twitter fiction was now eligible to be nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Short Story. I went over to the Hugo Awards website and asked that question and got back the following response from the Administrator, Cheryl Morgan.

Jenny Rae:

The requirement for a Short Story is that is must be less than 7,500 words in length. If it is only one word long, that’s OK.

The problem is going to be identifying the story on your ballot. If you can provide a direct URL to the story that makes it easy, but otherwise you’ll need to be creative about explaining exactly what you are nominating.

If the work gets as far as being nominated, I expect that the Hugo Administrator will ask the author for a title by which it can be known.

- Cheryl Morgan

So, now having discovered that my first piece of Twitter fiction is eligible, I'm sharing the news so that other authors of this new crazy fad of microfiction can know that their work is eligible too.

I am not saying that you should nominate me for the Hugo Award for Best Short Story, but if you feel so inclined, please do so. There are many other good short stories out there too, such as "Silent as Dust" by James Maxey, which appeared in Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show in January 2008.

As a service for anyone who desires to nominate my Twitter story, I am providing the full text of it below. You must include the direct URL on the nomination ballot, if you choose to nominate a piece of microfiction. The direct URL follows the story. To nominate anything for the Hugos, you must be a member of this year's Worldcon by January 31, 2009, or have been a member of last year's Worldcon. You have until the end of February to nominate fiction.

Here is my Twitter story:

The crystal thrones were strewn around the cavern, their occupants gone--plague victims all. The council of kings needed new members.

Here is the direct link to my story:



sex scenes at starbucks said...

Hey I read that when it came out. :)

Tony Noland said...

This is amazing. I think some new rules will come out next year, once people get a grip on how to regard Twitfic like Thaumatrope and Outshine.

Too bad, actually. My accepted submissions for these microzines are slated to appear in 2009. By that time, the Hugo rules committee will have addressed this. I think it would have been pretty entertaining to potentially score a Hugo nomination for a Twitfic post.

Daniel Default said...

Congrats, Jenny!

As for me, I just got eligible for the 2010 Hugo!! :-D