Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Lucifer Defiant" at Everday Weirdness

I had to keep this under my hat, for oh, about a week... I didn't want to tell the world because I kept going inside my head, "Poetry is deathly hard to sell. No one buys poems! I have been trying for years!".

But Nathan Lilly, bless his editing heart, liked my poem.

So I present to you, my very first published poem, "Lucifer Defiant".

*goes off to bask in the glee of the poem being up and published* =)


marikris said...

It's wonderful, Jenny! Very well written and I have always been intrigued by that topic. Have you ever read Lucille Clifton's Blessing the Boats? There's a section of her Tree of Life series that I think you would enjoy.

Karen C said...

I really liked it!
Particularly this line --
"Half-formed, half-burnt, and half-alive"
Is the half that is alive the same half that got burnt?
Sometimes I feel like the only parts of my life that I've got figured out are the very same parts that I screwed up (spectacularly) first.
But that might be a mom thing.

Michael R. Fosburg said...

I very much enjoyed it. Well done.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Thank you, everyone! =)

I haven't ever read that book, marikris.

Karen C., it's the same half. Poetically speaking. It's a star/angel we're talking about. =)

marikris said...

I can't find an excerpt (bah, I tried!) so here's a piece of her poem called "lucifer speaks in his own voice":

"i who was called son/ if only of the morning/ saw that some must/ walk or all will crawl/ so slithered into earth/ and seized the serpent in/ the animals i became/ the lord of snake for/ adam and for eve/ i the only lucifer/ light-bringer/ created out of fire/ illuminate i could/ and so/ illuminate i did"

Jenny Rappaport said...

marikis, that's simply lovely! I must try to hunt down a copy of that book, if my local library has one or can get one.

Colin said...

Congratulations, Jenny.


marikris said...

Oh, I do want to ask, Jenny, if you don't mind answering: why did you choose to write about Lucifer? I feel like that's a stupid question but like I said, I find poems about this topic intriguing.