Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Official BSG Spoiler Thread, Final Episode #1

If you want to discuss the first episode of the Final Episodes (as SciFi Channel is calling them) of Battlestar Galactica, please feel free to do so here.

This is a spoiler-filled thread.

You have been warned. Do not click on the comments, if you do not want to be spoiled. I will put my thoughts in the comments.

If people like this, we can do this for every episode until the end. And the show ends on my birthday, by the way, which I find particularly cool. =)


Jenny Rappaport said...

Ok, I loved it, loved it, loved it!

First, I never liked Dee, so she's gone? Awesome! Mind you, I didn't expect her to go that way, although Chris saw it coming.

Second, the whole Kara finding Kara thing... seriously freaky and I couldn't even watch, even though I knew she was going to find herself there. And then the pyre thing... wow.

And damned if I know how the final five resurrected after Earth, but I'm totally, totally loving the bleakness and the fact that the 13th tribe were Cylons. =)

acpaul said...

A prediction:

In the end, they'll find a planet full of humans. And they'll learn that these humans did do the cylon colony what the cylons did to the human colonies.

But I have no idea what's up with Kara. When she found herself, I thought maybe she was the last cylon after all. But Saul thinks Ellen (already dead, mind you) is the final one.

Not sure what to make of that.

MJFredrick said...

I NEVER expected Saul's wife to be one! Hasn't she been dead for 2 seasons?

I loved how Chief remembered his own death.

Dee was freaking me out. I couldn't figure out what she was up to. Heck, I still don't know why she went all happy, then BAM!

P. Bradley Robb said...

Okay - if Kara died on Earth, and found her own body, and is somehow still alive. How is Helen the Final Cylon?

Does Earth have some magical rebirth qualities that those of us who live here don't know about?

And is Earth being populated by Cylons a twist by the showrunners to try and make us shift our perspectives in their ongoing commentary on the war on terror?

Jenn Nixon said...

My theory: They are all hybrids and/or cylons.


David said...

I was sorry to see Dee go. I wanted the kids to get back together.

More problematical is the why. I suspect that the writers don't know, either, so they'll just leave it as a surprise and a mystery implying psychological depth that isn't there. The writers should always know why something happens, whether they make it clear to us or not.

Other than that, it was a top-notch episode.

Jenny Rappaport said...

I'm totally curious that if Ellen is indeed the 5th Cylon, which Ron Moore seems to have definitely confirmed in newspaper interviews... is Kara the 13th Cylon? It makes sense... 13 tribes... 13 colonies, including the missing one... 13 cylons...

David said...

That raises another question: Who made Kara2? Or how was she reborn, if that's what happened?

Is there still life on that world/Earth? Was there a Cylon base ship near enough for her to be reborn?

And who made or provided the ship she returned to Galactica in?

Oh, and how can there still be people who prefer the original series to this one?

Jenny Rappaport said...

David and is Kara2 a human or a cylon, really? If she was reborn, how?

And really, I'm with you on the biggest question, of how the hell did she get back to Galactica in the new viper, and who *made* the new viper for her?

P. Bradley Robb said...

I'm hopeful that we've finally put to bed the cheese that was "All Along the Watchtower."

And if Kara is actually a 13th Cylon, that would make sense, but it would seem to be a "rule change" by the showrunners. After all, we've been told for how long now that there are only 12 models?

Isn't what makes a sf/f work strong is that it abides by it's own rules?

Jarucia said...

Glad Dee is gone...she always annoyed me. Her offing herself makes perfect sense, I think, if you think in terms of "Children of Men", sort of.

I think the prospect of Ellen being the fifth cylon makes for a more interesting twist. Means she's out there somewhere (maybe) with a band of cylons we've yet to see. Or maybe she just believed in reincarnation. Nah, she's with the super advanced cylons.

What's weird about the final five is they all have personal histories of having been young and growing old, which NONE of the other 7 models have. I hope the writers don't forget to address that. AND is it just me, but they ALWAYS put this focus on Hannah, but never on Chief's, he's a hybrid too. What's up with that?

I'm totally baffled by Kara and her ship, unless they intro some multiple dimension thing... I hope they don't go 'Lost' on us.

As the seasons progress I get more and more frustrated with the amount of time spent on camera shots of characters doing nothing but thinking or staring each other down. It feels like an illusion of tension.

It was a little weird watching everyone get hit by the crazies in this episode. Roslyn needs to pull it together or they need to send her to the psych ward.

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for the chat:)

Rebecca said...

My friend's friend had a theory: Kara = this generations' Pythia.

And if the Earth's destruction was about 2,000 years ago - isn't that about the time the Colonies were founded according to scriptures? Am I totally off there?

Jenny Rappaport said...

I like the idea that Kara might be this generation's Pythia; that makes a ton of sense, especially since she needed to retrieve the Arrow of Apollo in season two.

And it also makes Roslin's burning of the prophecies that much more poignant.

Amie Stuart said...

I LOVED Dee! She was one of my faves so I'm very sorry to see her gone and literally screamed at the TV when it happened. I had to rewind and watch three more times (mostly because the first time I didn't realize it was self-inflicted).

I have to say I was VERY disappointed in the final cylon. It didn't have near the OMGWTF quality of Dee's death or Kara finding her dead body.

Amie Stuart said...

acpaul....I was kinda thinking the same thing!

Amie Stuart said...

Wow lots of great theories. I think Kara's an original hybrid--maybe even the first. Gaw I love this show like a fat kid loves cake!

Mary I do remember when they were down on the planet and Dee was picking up the jacks she was very upset.

The one big question I have is, how did sh*t survive (like the jacks) for 2000 years AFTER a nuclear war???? It's not like stuff was sealed in an airtight room. I think someone boobooed? (though for the most part I TRY to not look to closely at stuff like that)

P. Bradley Robb said...

Big interview with Ron Moore about the choice of Ellen and other details here:

MJFredrick said...

I wondered about the jacks surviving, too. I didn't think anything about her being upset because they were all pretty upset. Off to read that article! Thanks for the link!

Rebekah Mills McDaniel said...

I was distracted from the obvious signs that Dee was going to kill herself (looking at baby picture, photos of her parents, etc.) because I was busy thinking "oh my gods she's a cylon!" I was actually thinking the same thing approximately every 5 minutes about every character that came onscreen.

That's why my husband made fun of me at the end when Mrs. Tigh was revealed as a cylon and I shouted out "I KNEW IT!" But to be fair, I called it ages ago. There was a picture posted in Entertainment Weekly a while back that showed everyone sitting around the table, and they said there were clues in the photo, though I can't remember what they were. But by following the clues, I deduced that it was Mrs. Tigh, and everything I saw after that only strengthened my suspicion, such as the visions Tigh kept seeing of six turning into her, and the fact that they'd never managed to have children, etc. etc. etc.

Only other comment is that of all the bizarre and freakish things Starbuck has done on this show, conducting her own funeral has got to be the capper.

P. Bradley Robb said...

Are we going to get another thread, Jenny?

And...little tid bit gleaned from Wired - Moore directed tonight's episode and he's claiming it's smaller and more character-driven than last weeks.