Saturday, February 14, 2009

Administrative Tidbits

Some varied administrative tidbits, before I retreat to bed to fight what I'm lovingly terming "the sinus infection from hell, which just keeps coming back". It's been largely responsible for the blog silence, as I've been putting all my energy into actually getting work done.

  • We've seen a marked increase in queries around here, as have other agents like Jennifer Jackson and Nathan Bransford. I'm still going with my theory that people are dusting off their old novels and writing new ones because of the economy. I did a rough calculation, and if the current rate stays steady, we're due to see about 1600 more queries this year total, than I normally get. Keep sending books; I'm still looking for great clients!
  • The best query we got this week was from an eleven year old in Uruguay. I LOVE young writers. Really, truly love them. Jodi and I told him to write back once he had his novel finished. I think he's my youngest person to query to date, although I've had a couple of 14 and 15 year olds query at times.
  • Secret behind-the-scenes website improvements are happening at the agency website, although the changes probably won't be up for a few more weeks. But then it will be shiny, and I will dutifully announce the new shininess of the agency's website.
  • There will be Book Blocks next week; they fell behind this week, and I apologize for not getting them scheduled in advance. If you are still waiting to send one in, please do. I have enough for one more week, possibly two more weeks of posts. And then it's a wrap, folks. I've been really enjoying seeing how people come up with their ideas for their books in different genres, which is really neat.
  • There will be an upcoming "What Current Things Is Jenny Looking For" post, next week as well.
Finally, as I've been doing all year, I've been sort of treating any published books as "comfort reading". When I get sick, my head aches. I have been reading client material and submitted slush, but at the same time, sometimes I don't want to make a decision on a submission when my skull is throbbing. I view this as in the best interest for the authors making the submissions, since you'll get my undivided attention when my head isn't throbbing, and my decidedly grouchy side, when it is.

So instead, what I do, is I read published books. I go through them slowly, and some of them are fluff, but they let me do something that doesn't require immense amounts of concentration. So my question for my LIT SOUP readers, is what are your favorite types of comfort books to read when you're not feeling great? It's not been the best flu/cold/sinus infection/pneumonia (poor Colleen Lindsay had pneumonia!) season this year, so what have you been reading?

My latest is this one...

2009 Books Read:

6. PUPPY LOVE by Nancy Krulik
Utterly cute and fluffy, and what I would have wanted to read if I was a teenage girl mooning over a crush. I totally loved all the kissing that happened. I will be honest and say that the "saidisms" in the beginning did distract me for awhile, but once I got past that, I really fell into the story, and wanted to know how it happened. It was given to me by an editor at Simon Pulse, and I'm glad I got it. =)


Heather said...

Terry Pratchett is comfort reading for me because he's hysterical, and when I'm sick, laughter beats all. But when I want to curl up with tea and an escape book, it's all about Patricia McKillip. She has this amazing talent for creating an entire world in a paragraph, then letting you just get lost there. And her use of language amazes me.

Feel better! I hate when I'm sick and have a pile of work. It always stresses me out.

marikris said...

Comfort reading, mmm. I love romance and fantasy, but lately (since my bronchitis) I've been reading some Eva Ibbotson. I read A Countess Below Stairs, fell in love, and hunted down the rest of her books from my local bookstore. I just finished The Morning Gift (when I should be writing a 5-7 page essay on Modern Art for Tuesday) and I'll probably squeeze in A Company of Swans and another book of hers which I can't remember now. I love the fairytale-like writing and don't mind if the stories are a tad predictable. I have watched Pride and Prejudice 16 times since I found it after all - the BBC 5 hour series with Colin Firth, by the way, not the Keira Knightly movie.

lotusgirl said...

I don't have to read a certain genre, I love anything good to distract me from feeling bad. The favorite things I've read lately were The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Tochi said...

more queries? Very interesting.

Sarahlynn said...

I still think that part of the increase in queries you blogging agents are seeing has to do with the blogs. I bet more writers are finding you and deciding to query someone they "know" rather than or in addition to someone randomly chosen from a directory.

As for your question . . . "what are your favorite types of comfort books to read when you're not feeling great?"

I want to answer the opposite. I forgot to consider the "when you're not feeling great" part and took a new Laurell K. Hamilton novel to the hospital when I gave birth to my second daughter. I read it, of course, but I assure you - reading about sex was NOT the best plan in those moments after delivery!

Katrina S. Forest said...

I do read more when I'm sick, but then there's the problem of a book that's really interesting and keeps me awake when I should be resting. I'm reading Water for Elephants in the midst of a cold right now.

Looking forward to the "What Current Things Is Jenny Looking For" list. The last time a list was posted, I thought my latest work would be a perfect fit, until I quickly remembered that it was still at the rough draft stage. ^_^;;