Thursday, February 05, 2009

Odyssey Podcast #1

Because you know, your life isn't complete without getting the full experience...hearing me, instead of just reading what I write here.

Feel free to stroll over to the Odyssey website, and check out the first of two podcasts that they made out of some of the material I lectured about last summer. A bit of the information is dated, given the recent publishing upheavals, but most of it is still pertinent.

I am podcast #23.


P. Bradley Robb said...

I know this sounds a little brown-nosed, but that was ridiculously helpful.

Jenny Rappaport said...

Not brown-nosed at all. =)

It's the "Jenny babbling at you" experience, except you didn't have to go to Odyssey to get it. I am similar in person, if you catch me at a convention.