Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Official BSG Spoiler Thread, Final Episode #6

Here is this week's BSG Spoiler Thread.

If you want to discuss the sixth episode of the Final Episodes of Battlestar Galactica, please feel free to do so here.

This is a spoiler-filled thread.

You have been warned. Do not click on the comments, if you do not want to be spoiled. I will put my thoughts in the comments.


Jenny Rae Rappaport said...

You know, sometimes I really like Ellen, like in last week's episode when she was standing up to Cavil... and sometimes, I really, really dislike her. It's not so much a hatred, but the fact that the character is a jerk at times. Like the whole thing with Caprica Six and making her lose the baby?


But it does answer the question about how Hera comes back into play, and I imagine that Caprica Six and Roslin will start having opera house visions again.

Also, my crazy, crazy Baltar and his head-Six are back. You have to love Gaius, even though he's insane sometimes. And he seems to be growing a heart, and using his power for something at least.

I'm very excited for next week's episode because I do love Starbuck. And it's obvious by this point that Starbuck is either Daniel or Daniel was her father. Either one is a good bet right now. And I would really like to know how her viper ported to Earth in brand-new shiny form!

As an addendum to my thoughts, I'd just like to say that Tigh and Adama remain two of my favorite characters on the show... they are old men in space, and they do it with such dignity. =)

Jarucia said...

This episode left me scratching my head quite a bit. The story lines were so busy trying to get things positioned for the soon to be finale, that it felt disjointed.

The whole thing with Ellen was predictable and weird. Except I can't believe Ellen would be so jealous. It really didn't make sense given what's happened to her in the last 18mos of her life and that she and Saul have been having issues for thousands of years.

Convenient and sad Caprica Six lost the baby.

The breaks and jumps between subplots was weird. Like how they kept showing Adama looking at the hull repair. One time they cut to him looking at the hull barely after he and Tigh were completely trashed together, and in the new scene Adama wasn't trashed.

The one thing I really enjoyed about the episode was possibility for a rekindling between Boomer and Chief. That'd be nice to see.

I'm not hating, it's just that all the different story lines went their own directions for a while and now their having to close back's just a little herky-jerky.

BTW, is it just me or is the KFC advertising for Frack Packs just too much. I find myself jokingly using this phrase up to ten times a week since I first heard it.

Katrina S. Forest said...

To me, it feels like they're trying to tie everything up and this was the "let's-deal-with-Tigh-and-Caprica" episode. Ellen was angrier than I expected, but I guess no one can blame her. In her mind, she came home to find her husband sleeping with one of their kids.

Gaius is just insane. He proves time and time again that he's truly only out for himself, so matter how he tries to turn it.

Hmm, interesting theory about Starbuck being Daniel's daughter. Didn't think about that one. I guess we have to wait and see.

Cathy in AK said...

I can't blame Ellen for being pissed at Saul, not just for the "ew Caprica 6 is like our child" thing, though that's squicky enough, but for sleeping with Ellen and not telling her about him and Caprica AT ALL. Dude. I know you were surprised and thrilled to see her but sleep with her? Not cool.

And Caprica losing the baby was one of the saddest things I've seen on this show.

Gaius ticks me off. I don't think he's doing his good deeds out of the kindness of his heart nearly as much as he's doing them to maintain his prophet status. But I am glad to see his head 6 again. She gets him to do some interesting stuff.

These next four weeks will anything but boring.

Anonymous said...

My big hope for this week: The writers dream up a clever Cylon-related reason for Kara's callsign, "Starbuck"

Crimogenic said...

The old, annoying Ellen is back. Not cool.

Sad that Caprica Six lost the baby. I always think that stuff like that in battlestar is a copout because what was the point of having her pregnant in the first place. Maybe we'll see later.

Amie Stuart said...

I get Adama's looking at the ship--it represents the people--but yeah...the timeline didn't quite jive.

Agreed also on Ellen (the about face after the previous week was WEIRD and sad) and on Cap6 loosing the baby.

Baltar...just weird. But then he's never been a favorite of mine. I now get (thanks to someone on Twitter) why Adama armed him and his harem but it was just weird.

And why would the Cheif (tyrol) vote to jump away after wanting to fix up BSG?

I just don't see how they can (satisfactorally) wrap up all the threads in four episodes!

Dawn said...

I've never posted here before, but I just came across you BSG discussion. I was disappointed to see old Ellen rear her spiteful, toxic head, but she said it herself, "I'm still Ellen." I guess I was just hoping her bad behavior was something Cavil had created. Oh well.
I cried with Tigh as he cried with Adama. He had been so happy when he felt the baby kick.
Starbuck being Daniel's daughter or Daniel never occurred to me, so SURPRISED!
They've done so well with this series for so long, I just hope it all ends satisfactorily.
*fingers crossed*