Sunday, February 01, 2009


This is the 700th LIT SOUP post! And yay, Steelers! My latent Pittsburgh pride has been satisfied! =)


marikris said...

I was torn on this one (being a NY Giants fan), but what about that 100 yard interception eh? Still, my heart broke a little for Fitzgerald.

On the other hand, goooo Polumalu - *cheer*

acpaul said...

As a Phoenix resident, I just have to comment.

We are proud (and amazed) that the Cards even made it to the SuperBowl.

We are proud (and amazed) that the Cards didn't embarrass themselves in the SuperBowl.

And now, most of Phoenix will return to ignoring and forgetting that they even have a football team. In a way, it's a sad commentary on life.