Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Book Writing Explanation

I've known for awhile, through the magical publishing grapevine (it does not come with singing raisins) that the last Wheel of Time book was going to be split. I didn't know why; I just knew it was running long and that was that.

And now there's apparently a press release out about it, and Brandon Sanderson has written a wonderful blog post about why it takes so darn long to write a big book. Go read it. It's good.


Alice said...

An interesting inside look at the mechanics of writing. Poor man needs a vacation!

I'm a big Jordan fan, but I want him to take his time and tie up all those loose ends. There are a lot!

ryan field said...

The new look is nice.

Elissa M said...

Thanks for the link. There was a lot of information on how books in general are produced, not just the one to which he refers. The bit about bookstores choosing titles was especially fascinating.