Monday, March 23, 2009

In the depths of taxes


As always this time of year.

Except this time I have a kick-ass accountant who I love, who is making me compile everything into nice spreadsheets, to aid her magical tax powers. So this week is taxes around here at The Rappaport Agency.

But that doesn't mean that the rest of you have to stop talking! I think you should all talk, and I'll just pop by periodically to read the conversation and unmoderate comments.

Here, I'll throw out some random questions for you all to answer, but don't feel that you need to be restricted to these:
  1. Do you like teapots?
  2. Do you like trail mix? If so, do you prefer the kind with chocolate in it?
  3. Do you share my love of Cadbury creme eggs?
  4. If you were running the world, would you invest the world's money in interplanetary exploration and colonization? Explain your answer and be sure to show all of your work. =)


Rachel said...

1-I dislike teapots. I much prefer the electronic hotpots.
2-Just a little bit of chocolate in my trail mix-it makes my mouth sticky.
3-Cadbury eggs are gross (and chocolate bunnies are disappointingly hollow)
4-We should definately invest in interplanetary exploration and colonization. I saw on Naked Science that we only have about 5 billion years before the sun explodes, so we better get cracking!

twozdai said...

I'll play along, here are my answers...

1)I adore teapots, especially some of the modern ones that are starting to show up on the market. But really if something is tea related I'm bound to like it.

2)I do like trail mix, and yes I prefer chocolate to be in the mix. Extra good if there is dark chocolate and dried cranberries and/or cherries in the mix.

3)I'm not really sure what your level of love for cadbury creme eggs is, but my love is at least equal...maybe higher. Do you ever freeze them and eat them cold? (putting them in the freezer is also a good way to hid them from yourself so you don't eat the whole four pack in one sitting)

4)If I were running the world, interplanetary exploration and colonization would be on my list, but I'd need to talk with my council to come up with a sound plan and financial figures.

Melissa said...

I love teapots, trail mix, and cadbury creams eggs. However, the last two can be detrimental to my diet when used inappropriately, so I'm careful with them. I do have some stashed Cadbury's. I've had one so far, and I'm saving another for Easter, or closer to it.

Jen said...

Eew, taxes. Glad I don't have to deal with them. Yet. Yuck.

And, ooh! Questions! I lurve answering random questions! Ha.

1. Do you like teapots?
Uh, yeah! They have tea in them! And tea is pretty good.

2. Do you like trail mix? If so, do you prefer the kind with chocolate in it?
Oh, I love trail mix with chocolate. But my favorite is the tropical mix with all the dried fruit. I steal all the containers of that kind when I go on the river with my group every year.

2. Do you share my love of Cadbury creme eggs?
They're pretty awesome, all right! :)

3. If you were running the world, would you invest the world's money in interplanetary exploration and colonization?
Not *all* of the world's money. But some, yeah. Might as well. Although I think it might be a good idea to work on cleaning up our own planet before we go screw up the rest of them. But still, space exploration is a good idea, I think. For when Earth is about to be swallowed up by the sun and humankind needs another place to live.
Plus, aliens are cool. :P

Shelli said...

My hubby is English so i have become this really bad Chocolate Snob - he gets his english at a British store (ugh). But I do like the trail mix with chocolate. Weird?

Lorin said...

Cadbury creme eggs are the best. I love them, and I love that I only really get to have them at one time a year. If I had them year-round they'd be too much, I'm sure.

PS: My word verification word is "mantan". How funny! Could that possibly be random?

Kristin Laughtin said...

1) I do like teapots!

2) I like trail mix too, but it's not something I go out of my way to eat. Chocolate in it is just fine.

3) I don't. Not the traditional/original kind, at least. Caramel or chocolate fillings I love.

4) WEIRD. I am exploring this theme in my current WIP (and haven't quite decided the ending yet, whether they will or won't explore). If I were running the world, though, I think any investment I make would be minimal; I'd fund enough to keep research going, although I don't think such travel will be feasible for a long time, if ever, but my main priority would be on fixing problems here on the home front.

Griffin Asher said...

1. I love teapots and everything associated with tea. My parents bought me a nice blue teapot for my birthday. Strangely enough they were shocked when I actually used it (I guess they meant for it to be ornamental).

2. If it's cheep trail mix I'll eat it. In fact I'll eat almost anything as long as it's cheep. As for chocolate, I'm not sure if I care for it in my trail mix, but I will certainly eat it by itself.

3. Cadbury eggs, yumm.

4. I get to run the world? Hmmm. What would I do... *rubs hands together and chortles gleefully*
Sorry what was the question? :P

Tiffany Schmidt said...

The problem with chocolate in trail mix is then I ONLY want to eat the chocolate, not the other supposedly healthy stuff. It’s easier to go right to the Cadbury eggs and skip over the picking through peanuts and banana chips stage.

Joseph Lewis said...

1. Teapots are just one more thing to clean, afterward.

2. Trail mix requires chocolate, so you can eat all the chocolate first.

3. Cadbury is milk chocolate, which is inferior to dark chocolate.

4. Space exploration should be left to the folks at Star Trek. We should be investing in schools, fighting hunger, fighting preventable diseases, and developing newer forms of dark chocolate.

Oz said...

Sucking up will get you Cadbury Creme Eggs. You may have all of mine. I like my chocolate dark and straight and intense, for the most part.

What lovely random questions. And I never show my work.
1. yes
2. yes, yes
3. no
4. yes, at least a quarter of it. We need to eat while we're developing interstellar travel.

Scott said...

1. Teapots can be beautiful works of art, or they can be kitschy. Kitschy can be fun. Get ten people in the room and chances are they won't agree on whether any particular teapot is artsy or kitschy. This makes them interesting.

2. A little chocolate in the trail mix works, unless you're actually eating it on the trail during a summer hike.

3. Not with you on the Cadbury eggs, unless they are filled with caramel. If somebody gives me a regular Cadbury egg, I eat the chocolate (Cadbury is very good) and toss the too-sweet goopy gunk in the middle. But, hey, I usually scrape most of the frosting off cake too, so what do I know?

4. If I ran the world, I would be a benevolent dictator, so I'd do whatever is in my best interest while making it look like I was doing it for the benefit of the world. So, yeah, I'd probably explore space. I'd also explore the oceans and try to learn more about what lies beneath the earth, since we've only barely scratched the surface. All in the hopes of increasing my power and fame. Bwahahahaha!

ryan field said...

Cadbury Cream eggs, and Russell Stover Whipped Raspberry Cream eggs. I'm always well stocked.

splatter said...

#1 I love teapots. Especially really funky artistic unusual ones. Or more eastern style... I really don't know why, I'm just obsessed with them.

#2. I also find trail mix yummy. I prefer the kind with m&ms and raisins... I love when the raisins get salty from the rest of the trail mix...
#3. Cadbury cream eggs are icky... I love the peanut butter and chocolate variety instead.
#4. I would definitely invest in exploration and colonization. I have read Red Planet and all that, so I know how difficult it will be... of course, we may need to develop some sort of system to make less habitable worlds more habitable so that the colonies are self sustainable, but in the meantime we'd better get a move on with the exploration part. There's a lot to do!

Moth said...

Do you share my love of Cadbury creme eggs?

I like the ones with caramel. Cadbury chocolate is delicious. I REALLY miss the chocolate filled eggs that they made for like two minutes several years ago. *sigh*

jill said...

1 - teapots are adorable. And frequently come with tea!
2 - don't have trailmix often, but the best kind has chocolate chips and raisins (and no coconut).
3 - prefer dark chocolate raspberry truffles.
4 - yes, invest in interplanetary exploration, but fix Earth's problems before we inflict ourselves on the rest of the universe.

Alex said...

I like the first three things but the answers to number four are fascinating.

Me: #4
No. Hell NO. Nasa's that only government org that's paying for itself. Plus, I don't believe in money as it is now. Not that it doesn't exist. Obviously it exists. But we are trading either: a) a series of numbers on a debit card strip, or b) paper (the same substance we wipe our bottoms with), for goods and services. If I ran the world, I'd get rid of the entire system. People could invest their own time and resources in space exploration if they wanted.

Lisa Iriarte said...

Cadbury Cream Eggs are awesome. And now they have mini ones that come in what look like little egg cartons. Just the right size for a taste without the overblown full sugar rush.

Kristine Overbrook said...

I love teapots, and though I don't use them I have two and I think it would be really cool to use them someday. Too bad I love coffee.

Don't do trail mix, but I love dehydrated veggies. You can buy a mix at a little health shop near my home. De-lish.

Love Cadbury eggs, the kind with the "yolk" inside. Sence I've been diagnosed with hypothyoridism I can't eat them, but I have a few dark chocolate M&Ms stashed for when I need the fix.

I would never want to run the world. Ever. But there is always something to be said for the Star Trek future. Where the main goals are learning, expanding our minds, bettering ourselves and the rest of mankind...sigh - time to hunt up the star trek seasons. :)

Richmond Writer said...

Gizelda dreaded the UN meeting topic today, "interplanetary exploration" which nowadays was code for military space domination. She poured tea from the silver pot and fished the chocolate out of her trail mix.
The ambassador from Caines stood and announced. "We have successfully assembled nuclear missiles on the space station. Anyone attempting to send satellites into space will be blown away whether there are humans on board or not."
The Dafinten representative involuntarily jerked so that his Cadbury egg popped and white sticky goo dripped unheeded from his fist. "You can't do that!"
With an arrogant smile the Cainen replied, "We already have. Just try and remove us."

llgamel said...

1) I like the unique ones. The ones that have a history or differnt shape and texture.
2) I can live without trail mix.
3) Cadbury eggs, yummmm what's not to like?
4) Interplanetary exploration would be great if we could meet other life forms. It would be ideal if we could learn from them and save our planet.

Dawn said...

1: Do you like teapots?
Yes, I think they're cute, quaint and can be full of character. In fact, I read a story about a possessed teapot the other day. Chased a nonbeliever out of the house. Hahaha!
2: Do you like trail mix? If so, do you prefer the kind with chocolate in it?
I do, but sans the chocolate ... it throws of the salty balance.
3: Do you share my love of Cadbury creme eggs?
I do not. I think they're creepy and don't get me started on Peeps. *grumble, grumble*
4: If you were running the world, would you invest the world's money in interplanetary exploration and colonization? Explain your answer and be sure to show all of your work.
I would not. I think this is our spot and we should learn to take care of it before we spread our toxic behavior throughout the universe. We're not currently worthy to branch out, get it?