Friday, March 20, 2009

More upcoming client books

Besides FEDERATIONS by John Joseph Adams and LIBYRINTH by Pearl North, both of which I've blogged about already, there are several more books that I've sold which are coming out soon (or have already come out).

We'll go in roughly alphabetical order here, for the sake of equality. =)

First up are a couple more anthologies edited by John Joseph Adams.

There's BY BLOOD WE LIVE, which is a wonderful vampire reprint anthology. I love the black and red scheme of the cover. It's coming in August 2009.

There's also THE IMPROBABLE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, which is a lovely mix of mystery and fantasy short stories about Sherlock Holmes. It has the usual great lineup of authors that John Joseph Adams manages to produce by magic. (I'm not sure how he does it myself.) That book hits store shelves in September 2009!

From Gord Rollo, we have CRIMSON, which is another horror novel that he had up his sleeve. That one is out already, available for your purchase.

From Jordan Summers, we have the second book in her paranormal romance trilogy, SCARLET. She's got a CRIMSON too, but that won't be out for a bit, as it's the third book in the trilogy I sold for her. She's represented by the lovely Ginger Clark now, so you'll have to pop over in that direction for any further Jordan Summers news. I know she's still writing books! =)

Last, but not least, we have the wonderful sequel to THE MIRRORED HEAVENS. THE BURNING SKIES by David J. Williams makes the first book seem like a highly-civilized tea party. It's brash; it's bold; it's completely action-packed. Yet amid the action, there's still turn-twisting politics that keep you guessing who's on which side--it's still the espionage thriller story that I fell in love with when I signed Dave. Go forth and order it, because you'll be in for one hell of a ride! It drops into stores on May 19, 2009. And I'm making the cover for this one large as well because I absolutely love the colors and the design on it!

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Kristin Laughtin said...

You know, I saw the Spanish-language cover for THE BURNING HEAVENS THE OTHER DAY, and now you've posted the sequel's cover, and all I can say is this: David J. Williams gets some awesome covers. The combination of colors is lovely.