Friday, March 06, 2009

The Official BSG Spoiler Thread, Final Episode #8

Here is this week's BSG Spoiler Thread.

You are reading this while I'm at the Written in the Stars Conference in Shreveport, LA. Hello from Shreveport!

If you want to discuss the eighth episode of the Final Episodes (as SciFi Channel is calling them) of Battlestar Galactica, please feel free to do so here.

This is a spoiler-filled thread.

You have been warned. Do not click on the comments, if you do not want to be spoiled. I will put my thoughts in the comments.

I won't get to watch this until March 8th, but don't let that stop you from leaving comments!


Dawn said...

I have no one in my family who gets excited watching this show like I do. It's very lonely, so on with it:

As always, I enjoyed the episode. I noticed when Tigh stood by the dying Eight, she said, "There's too much confusion." I got chills.

I think Col. Tigh is a spectacular character. He is painfully complex and so flawed, but lately he's been coming through and that makes me proud of him.

I honestly wept when that Six saved the guy she'd just been yelling at. How many death scenes has Tricia Helfer had?

Where was the chief?

Speaking of the chief, I've never seen so many strong male characters openly weeping in a drama: Adama, Apollo, Helo, Tigh, Tyrol, Gaeta (RIP), and Baltar. It's kind of nice. I fall apart when men cry for some reason.

I was really touched by Kara near the end. I thought she looked beautiful listening to Apollo accept her.

That all I can think of right now. I've never been first before.

Jarucia said...

I just didn't get last night's episode.

I feel like I'm in the last 20 pages of a book going "Come ON, there's only 20 pages left, you better not be setting me up for an ending that doesn't conclude the story..."

Baltar is simply off his rocker. And his 'angel' six needs to be of some use now. Sure she got him to arm his ladies a few episodes back, but what is she doing now other than driving him (and me) nuts?

Boomer is going to do something awesome with regard to Hera...she has to redeem herself and I don't care how, but it'll be something that will likely lead to her death.

I swear they used stock footage of Adama staring at the hull again (okay, this time he had his special uniform on, but still that could've been CGI'd in).

I'm sorry I'm such a horrible cynic, but I'm really sad this show is ending and the scripters are doing little to give me hope of a satisfying conclusion.

It's like that line from The Devil's Own:

Don't look for a happy ending. It's not an American story; it's {a post-apocalyptic with no hope for the survival of anybody} one.


Joseph Lewis said...

Did I miss something? Or everything? Because I feel like absolutely nothing happened in this episode! Nothing decided (except to leave the Galactica), nothing revealed, nothing answered! Why are we getting filler this late in the game?