Thursday, April 02, 2009


I'm not going to get involved in this, as I've read the first five to ten comments and found them so aching with vitriol that I couldn't stand them.

If you have a complaint about me, you may take it up with me privately in an e-mail.

If you have a complaint about another agent, I suggest you do the same.

I have no idea, if any of the writer backlash is directed at myself.

But I will say the following:

I do not tell you how to do your job, and I ask that you do not tell me how to do mine. I work seven days a week, often on weekend or nights, if emergencies arise. I spent a good part of Saturday e-mailing all my foreign agents, when I had a bit of a crisis to deal with. I have the wonderful opportunity to work from home, and one of the advantages of doing that is so I can dictate my own hours and deal with my life. So if I post something to Twitter at say 11pm: that's because I haven't had time earlier in the day to do whatever I'm posting I'm doing. I have a private life, and if you would prefer I don't share even tiny pieces of it (and that's all you're really getting), I can easily lock the Twitter stream.

I imagine a lot of other agents feel the same.

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