Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Angry Robot sale!

This is one of those contracts that took a lot of effort from all the parties involved, so many extra kudos goes out to Marc Gascoigne at Angry Robot, and both John Parker and John Berlyne at the Zeno Agency who were my co-agents on the deal. And of course, Colin, who wrote the books. =)

April 7, 2009


Colin Harvey's WINTER SONG, about a highly-evolved human who crash lands on a forgotten colony planet and his desperate struggle to get off it; and DAMAGE TIME, about a detective in NYC hunting stolen memories that are posted on the net for entertainment, to Marc Gascoigne at Angry Robot Books, in a nice deal, by Jenny Rappaport of The Rappaport Agency, in association with the Zeno Agency (World English).
While we're chatting about Colin, I'd like to point out that his anthology KILLERS has made the British Fantasy Awards Longlist.


P. Bradley Robb said...

Congrats! Angry Robots looks like it's going to be a sweet little imprint, and sales are always awesome.

Tara Maya said...

Ooo, an sf/f publisher I hadn't heard of before. I will check out their list.