Sunday, April 05, 2009

Book #18

Because I'm attempting to keep better track of these... 18, how pitiful is that? I will never get to 142 this way, which was my total in 2005.

18. MAGIC TO THE BONE by Devon Monk
I took this home with me from John Joseph Adams' house, since he is the repository of all things book. It looked interesting, and home it went. And it turned out to be quite good, especially the worldbuilding. The only thing I found mildly unbelievable was the first one or two sex scenes, because I kept thinking, "Ok, you're running for your life. Now is NOT the time to make out and pant at each other."


Julie Butcher-Fedynich said...

They're sweaty from running too. Not so good IMHO. Running sweat is much more stinkable than fun sweat.

Don said...

I'm only up to 5 this year. My record since I started keeping track was 109 in 2007 (the low is 27 in 2000).

Anonymous said...

Unrelated comment here. Folks should go check out the fun query contest starting up at super-agent Nathan Bransford's blog. Be an Agent for a day! It should be fabulous and educational. Go check it out!

JSB said...

HAH...That was the same thing that kept me from totally getting into them. I kept wondering why they thought they had TIME to worry about hormones.