Monday, April 13, 2009

PW Science Fiction & Fantasy Issue

Yes, I'm a totally bad person, and don't actually subscribe to the magazine. Yet. It's ~$200 a year, and I can't quite justify that for a magazine.

But there is a lot of good content available online from Publisher's Weekly, and I call your attention this article by Rose Fox.

It has a nice interview with Jeremy Lassen at Night Shade Books, as well as talking about a lot of other interesting stuff happening in the field.
This also means I don't have to rack my brain for something to blog about, as I've spent the morning doing tedious paperwork, and ignoring Zoe. She meows. She meows some more. She meows even more. I may be insane by the end of the day.
Finally, #amazonfail is totally heinous. That said, I am of the opinion that some moron manager at Amazon ok-ed this proposal, and then let it be implemented by underlings. I'm waiting for his or her head to roll. =)


Kristin Laughtin said...

That article makes me happy. I'm hoping to break into the SF/fantasy field someday, so it's nice to see that it's selling well. I found the discussion of race further down to be quite interesting as well.

acpaul said...

And until that head rolls, I will not buy anything from Amazon. I've also told all my friends.

Hitting their bottom line is the only way to make our bottom line heard.

Anonymous said...

I was reading PW on the bus this morning and I saw the John Joseph Adams books mentioned and I thought, "What nice press for Jenny's author!" Cool!

-Emily (LP's intern)

AstonWest said...

Read the article...sort of explains some of the success I've had so far with my book. :-)

ryan field said...

I've been writing fiction for LGBT publishers for over fifteen years. And #amazonfail leaves me speechless.