Sunday, May 31, 2009


I seem to be in the habit of doing con reports lately (almost typed "book reports" there), so here, have an abbreviated one for my day at BEA. I am exhausted, by the way. Came home, went to Cheeburger Cheeburger with Chris, watched Britain's Got Talent finale, and now to bed.

The con report, in bullet form:
  • Full of books! But not as many books as in years past.
  • Full of Twitter friends! Met the wonderful Colleen Lindsay and her friend from Washington, whose name is Adrien, I believe. Finally met Alyssa of the red trench coat, after searching for her for part of the day. =)
  • I now have an ARC of FIRE by Kristen Cashore. Not signed, as I got there too late for that, but I begged one from the Penguin people. I am good at begging. See next point.
  • I adore Brandon Sanderson, who not only remembered me, but let me take two books--one for me and one for Jodi. Brandon is good people. He signed both.
  • I realized it had been THREE years since I had last seen Brandon. He lives in Utah, for pete's sake. Then, I went to go see George Mann and get his book, on his signing line. I see George more often than I see Brandon, and George lives in freaking England. What is wrong with this picture?
  • Let's see, more books! Collected various ARCs that interested me, plus talked to people at various booths.
  • Discovered that JJA's name is like a magic password...hey, it's good to be the agent!
  • Found Ron Hogan and said hello.
  • Went to a sci-fi panel that I didn't know was happening: saw China Mieville, John Ringo (in a kilt), and Kelly Link speak. Got China to sign my book.
  • Discovered that tons and tons of friends and accquaintances were at said panel with me. Yay!
  • Discovered that Kelly and her husband Gavin had had a baby, Ursula, and the proud papa showed me a picture of her. She is beautiful and tiny. =)
  • Discovered my friend Lee was at BEA! So happy!
  • Finally met Nick Mamatas in person--the world did not end.
  • Got invited to a Baen meet-and-greet.
  • Went there. Talked to more fascinating people. Met the science fiction & fantasy buyer, Jim, from B&N. I like him. Saw Tom Doherty as I was walking out and told him how much I adore Tor. Talked to too many other people to name, not least including, Toni Weiskopf, Jim Minz, Alethea Kontis (Lee!), Stephen Segal, and many others. I like my SF clansfolk.
  • Found out, right before leaving the Baen party, that the Viz people were not coming back for their books (this is what happens at the end of BEA, btw, where most of the companies let people take the floor displays, etc. Usually on Sunday.)
  • Hence, swooped up lots of manga and the two new SF novels that were translated from Japanese, all courtesy of Viz.
  • Happy end to a tired day.
Good night. =)


Kristin Laughtin said...

Sounds like you did exactly what I would have done if I were in your position, particularly all the SF items and the swooping of Viz merchandise. I am trying hard to contain my envy.

Jodi Meadows said...

Woo hoo! It's good to be the assistant. ;)

The Mad Hatter said...

It was nice to meet you in the Sanderson and Mann lines. I'll definitely be picking up JJA Federations.


Lisa Iriarte said...

Got to meet John Ringo last weekend at the Oasis conference. He gave a talk on How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Good, humorous speaker. I got him to sign two books for me.

Angelo said...

Wish I could have met you at the conference. I figured over three days I had a pretty good chance. Apparently I am not as good as advertised. I was fortunate enough to meet quite a few people, including Oliver North and RL Stine.

It was a great weekend, very tiring!