Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Brain blank

I seem to have forgotten to write down what books I've read recently and I am convinced that I'm up to 22 total for the year... except my brain is completely blanking now, so I'm just going to write down the two I remember. =(

19. MIDNIGHT NEVER COME by Marie Brennan
This was a lovely Elizabethan fantasy with dark fairies and a very good court setting. I liked it a great deal, but not quite as much as I liked her earlier books, DOPPLEGANGER and WARRIOR AND WITCH.

20. GRACELING by Kristin Cashore
An absolutely incredible, stand-out fantasy book. I don't care that it was published as YA; I adored it. It made me cry. So few books make me cry. It was simply splendid. Run, don't walk, and go buy it now.


Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Thanks for the Graceling suggestion. You've read Melissa Marr's books right? I think you'd enjoy those. No crying though.

lotusgirl said...

I've picked up Graceling several times now at the store and almost gotten it. Now I know that it's worth the price and will pick it up next time and not put it back down.

Adam Heine said...

I just recently finished Brennan's Doppleganger books. I really liked them - increasingly so as they went on. (And I'd love to see another book in that world sometime, like 50 or 100 or 300 years after the events in Warrior and Witch - I think that would be interesting).

Since you say that about Graceling, I'll take a look it. You know what book made me cry (or as close as I can seem to come to it)? Wild Seed by Octavia Butler. That book punched me right in the stomach, it was so good.

marikris said...

I got Graceling as soon as it came out. I'll be honest and say I got super excited by the awesome cover and their little video trailer at Amazon lol. I devoured the book in a few hours. It made me sad that it I did that. I get separation anxiety from good characters after a really good book :(

I have Doppleganger and had set it down after a little bit of reading. Mayhaps I'll pick it back up and see if it grows on me.

ryan field said...

I actually like the YA books that are able to crossover. This one looks good.

Katya said...

I've been wondering about Graceling and I keep passing on it. I've got a Borders coupon so I will pass on it no more! Thank you for the suggestion!

YA crossover seems to be the new hot genre.