Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For the record

I liked both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen tonight, although I would prefer that Adam win. I'll buy both their CDs though.

And OMG, how much awesome is GLEE? It is seriously wonderful. I laughed, I sang along, I grabbed the cat at the end and danced around my living room. (The cat was not pleased.)

I cannot wait for it this fall.

Sound off with your thoughts, but remember to keep it civil! =)

*wanders off to sing Journey along with iTunes*


~Jamie said...

Glee was fabulous, but I missed the last part because of the DVR I will have to find it!

Poor Kris, I mean it's awesome he made it to the finals but that song was so horrible for him! Why did they make them sing that crappy song as their last song? Ugh I hate that they do that.

jessjordan said...

definitely rooting for adam, b/c the kid is sheer talent. love kris, too, just not as impressed--i do wish them both the best.


jamie: i've been burned twice by idol running over on time (missing parts of fringe), so i knew better this time, and set my dvr to record the evening news as well. only missed a few seconds that way. whew!

Jarucia said...

Didn't catch glee, but did watch American Idol.

Honestly, I'd be happy if either one. Kris has that whole underdog feel that America loves.

Then again, Adam has the underdog feel in that he'd be the first gay (or at least bisexual) winner.

Both are so talented in totally different ways.

The only thing I really despised about the show was Kara's song. Blech. It was horrid and I felt bad for both men as they forced their way through it.

ryan field said...

I love them both. But I voted for Kris. I think he's the most relevant of the two and I like his subdued style. (And I've already been slammed for this opinion by almost everyone I know.)

GLEE was good. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it has all the feel-good elements everyone needs these days. And I love the characters.

Sabrina said...

I like Adam a bit more than Kris, since his "Ring of Fire" rendition, but I think Adam has a fine career ahead of him.

As for Glee, I am only irked by the fact that they decided to show one episode, and the rest of the season must wait for the fall. The song in the commercial really got me. Tricky bastards. :)