Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A (or Ad?), are you out there?

Surfacing for a bit here, as I'm snowed under with work and getting everything wrapped up before Odyssey... which is slightly complicated by the fact that I have strep (not flu, we checked!), but onwards I go... =)

Anyway, hello, A (or Ad?), YOU HAVE WON SECOND PLACE IN THE LIT SOUP BIRTHDAY CONTEST FOR 2009. Please contact me. I have not heard from you yet, and I cannot mail books out to the third place winner, until I know which book package you are taking.

Thank you!


A said...

Hello! That's great news - I've just emailed you my details. Sorry to hold you up - Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and I've been deprived of the internet by my bouncing kids...

Soratian said...

Get well soon! Got to be hale and hearty (or approximately) for June. I've unwillingly started taking vitamins :P