Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wiscon Day #1: No Cheese Yet

After much mishaps involving flights and the Cleveland airport and the utter horror that is Great American Bagel... I arrived at Wiscon yesterday after having been awake for seventeen straight hours.

I checked in. I found my roommates. I attended the Gathering, which was neat and full of wonderful stuff and a lovely woman named Shira gave me not one, but TWO cookies, which sustained me nicely. And then I decided that I really needed to sleep, and went to nap for ~3 hours.

Woke up. Was dragged, sleepily, to noodles and company. For future reference, do not believe them when they say their pad thai is not spicy. Came back with my crowd, met Jim Frenkel in the lobby (a Madison native), who informed us that there were so many good restaurants in Madison that we were simply not allowed to eat at a chain again. =)

Napped again, thus completely missing the opening ceremonies. I needed the second nap though, really did.

Woke up, part two! Went to the sixth floor where there were parties! Saw an entire room of people singing along to Dr. Horrible, which was playing on a small TV. While the sight was cool, I was unable to muster enthusiasm to stay there, when I own Dr. Horrible already and can sing along to it any time I want (I do not).

So we went across the hallway to the party for Galaxycon, which is from Minneapolis. And met up with some of my other friends who I hadn't seen in ages, and enjoyed much needed caffeine in the form of a can of real Coke. =) No diet for me, no siree! And although there was some cheese at the Galaxycon party, which I was assured was very did not look like the kind of cheese I would enjoy. I am very picky about the cheese I eat, and tend towards hard or semisoft varieties--this looked distinctly soft. Not that soft cheese is a bad thing, but it's not the right cheese for me.

After that, I wandered off to the lovely Elise's haiku earring party, and am now the owner of a cute pair of earrings--which Elise tells me are really stylized Chinese bats. You picked a pair of earrings, brought them to Elise, she told you the title of the earrings, and then you had to write a haiku to that title.

My very quick haiku, which probably could have been better... (the title is Elise's).

Happiness on Wings
by Jenny Rae Rappaport

Imperial wing
Dark against the summer sky
Cool jade brought to flight

After that, I met my client, Anne Harris, in the hallway, and had a lovely time talking to her and her friend JJ (last name escapes me, sorry!). We eventually ended up in the bar for awhile, where I got a chocolate martini (good!), which then eventually killed me because I was still so tired. And then bed, eventually!

For future reference, my roommates at Wiscon are Jodi Meadows, my assistant and friend, and our friend, Holly McDowell.

As Holly is now almost done getting ready, it's my turn to go make myself presentable, before I go have breakfast with two of my clients--Ted Kosmatka and John Joseph Adams.

More later!

(See, I'm making good on my promise to blog!) =)


Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Love the play by play. Especially the choc martini. Yummy. :) Have fun toady!

rebecca said...

You guys have a fabulous time today and the rest of WisCon! Next time, I really am going to come with you. :)

jessjordan said...

No soft cheese? But you are missing out on the sheer awesomeness that is the cheese of goats!

C. N. Nevets said...

Make sure you get some deep-fried cheese crumbles while you're there. A local delicacy. Mmm.

ryan field said...

The chocolate martini sounds good to me, too.

Jill said...

Glad you're having fun. Say hi to Jodi and Holly for me.