Saturday, June 06, 2009

Workshop reminder

Just a reminder that I will be attending the Odyssey Writing Workshop starting tomorrow and running through July 18th. I will be back at work full-time on July 20, 2009.


I put that in all caps because it's important to make that clear. Jodi is in charge of holding down the fort while I'm gone, and she'll be happily reading submissions. On the rare chance that she finds something to pass on to me (~2-5% of total submissions), I won't get a chance to read it until the middle of July. I'm only doing work for clients while I'm there.

But please don't let that stop you, as I'm still looking for clients, and would love to find the next great writer!

Odyssey blog posts will commence on Monday or so. =)


hollymc said...

Have a fantastic time! So excited for you!!

~Jamie said...

oh I can't WAIT to hear about Odyssey! You are going to have SO much fun!

Adam Heine said...

Hope you have a great time!

Jeff Lyman said...

Have a great time.

I'll see you in 6 weeks on your last day, when I show up for the alumni week post-Odyssey. You should be thoroughly wrung-out and exhausted by then, with your brain abuzz. :-)

Anne Harris said...

Have a great (and productive) time at Odyssey!