Jenny Rae Rappaport
...of rain. Everlasting, blasted rain. Welcome to New Hampshire this year. Welcome to Odyssey.

It rains. A lot. So much rain. We have had three days without rain since I arrived on June 6th.

It's the morning of July 3, 2009, and I'm writing this while wearing flannel pajama pants, fleece socks, and a heavy sweatshirt because my window fan registers the temperature at 59 degrees. Have I mentioned that we have no heating in the dorms where we're living? It is July and I'm dressed like this.

I'd almost imagine that I'm in some sort of post-apocalyptic world, but I'm told that other parts of the country have sun. Seattle, for instance. And NYC seems to be in a rare tropical period, where it's sunny and humid, then pouring rain, then sunny again. But at least it's warmer than it is here. It gets to 75 or 80 degrees some days, but only for a few hours at a time. I may freeze to death before this workshop is done.

And how is the weather by you guys? Do you have summer, yet?

(Yes, really, I just wrote an entire blog post complaining about the weather, but it is seriously putrid here most days.)
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  1. Adam Heine Says:

    Thailand. Rainy season. It rains most days, at random times, then the sun blazes. It's humid, I guess, but I don't notice anymore.

    Thing is, I love it. And it's way better than the hot season.

  2. Scribe Says:

    Right with you, Jenny, it's cold where I am too! Mind you, I am in the Southern Hemisphere, where it's *officially* winter :-)

  3. I'm in North east PA and it's rainy and chilly here. But I like it that way.

    I just can't stand when it's over 80 and soupy humidity.

  4. MJFredrick Says:

    San Antonio--hotter than hell, and will be for the next week, at least. No rain in sight. Please send!

  5. rebecca Says:

    I live in New York and we've had an unusual amount of rain this season. That I wake up now and expect it be so and surprisingly see the Sun - well, that then is a bonus. My house is dank and smells musty but on the upside, I've not had to worry about watering my plants and flowers outside!

  6. Gwen Hayes Says:

    Western Washington--I can't remember the last time we had rain. Also, we stay in the 70s most days--so not uncomfy at all.

    Except my office--which is some sort of hell portal and it's hot and muggy in there.

  7. Iapetus999 Says:

    It's supposed to be sunny, low humidity, mid 80's here Seattle :p
    Us Seattlites have no pity for you. You're complaining about 40 days of rain? Try 9 straight months sometime.

  8. Horserider Says:

    Michigan. It's cold here too. We had three days of 90's. Which quickly changed to a day of 70's onto this: low 60's. Yesterday, I wore sweat pants and a sweatshirt outside.

    So weird.

  9. Cathy in AK Says:

    In south central Alaska we take note when it *isn't* raining. Current temp is 52, not much cooler than where you are, but expectations are everything, aren't they? Summer in your regular neck of the woods means heat. Here, not so much : ) Stay warm.

  10. Beth Says:

    It's not even noon here near Phoenix and it's 100-degrees outside. Absolutely miserable. Lots of thunderheads visible to the north as well, and there's a chance of a monsoon this evening.

    I prefer the cold; I really miss living near Seattle and having seasons.

  11. ryan field Says:

    In Bucks County, PA, I've had rain, cool temps and clouds so far. There's a hard rain falling almost every night, and by the time things start to dry out again, the rain comes back. The good thing is that I'm not spending money on air conditioning this summer.

  12. Angelo Says:

    King of Prussia- Very unusual summer so far. Evidence of the end of the world in 2012? I hope not. Of course, now that I actually have at least one book deal in the works, it would not be unlike the universe to laugh and push "the button".

    This weekend was really quite nice, however. Very few clouds, a lot of sun and heat, and a seabreeze from the Jersey Shore as we bring in the American New Year. Originally from the Poconos, it is nice to get out of the mountains and see the ocean. Let it know I haven't forgotten about it..

  13. christina Says:

    Sigh. I'm in VT and I am starting to hate the color green. Everything LUSH! Everything BRIGHT GREEN. So. Much. Rain. Make it stop!

  14. Sarahlynn Says:

    I really really really want to move to New England.

    (We'll be hitting triple digits in St. Louis this week, along with impressive humidity. I like living here 11 months of the year, but July sucks.)