Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Stretch!

Tomorrow is our last day of Odyssey and while I am both sad and happy to be leaving... I'm glad it's over. =) It's been a very, very busy six weeks.

And i get to come home and dive into agenting work on Monday. Yay!

But the best part is I see Chris tomorrow and Zoe on Saturday. My life, it will be complete. =)

What has everyone else been up to this summer? Tell me about it!


Horserider said...

A lot of beta reading, writing, editing, critiquing, and regular reading. Haven't done much yet this summer. Biggest thing I've done was going the midnight premiere of Half Blood Prince. :)

rebecca said...

I'm going to Comic Con on Wednesday! I'm a little excited. There won't be enough time or enough me to go around to all of the panels I want to hit.

Taymalin said...

I haven't been doing anything interesting myself. I convocated with a degree in psychology and French from the University of Regina, and now am working in (blah) a call centre to save enough money to get home (New Brunswick, Canada).

So far, I've bought luggage. With the next pay cheque, I'm going to buy my plane ticket. The cheque after that I'll put toward shipping my things home. And the cheque after that is living money for when I get there.

I'd have much rather spent my time writing. I did buy "The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing" yesterday, and started using it today. So far it seems like a solid method for writing good commercial fiction.

I hope you had a wonderful time at Odyssey and learned a lot.