Saturday, July 25, 2009

Worldcon schedule

I'm hitting Montreal in a little less than two weeks for Worldcon! I have a programming schedule too, which I'll be pasting here. If you want to talk to me, just find me at the con. I'll be at the parties every night too. =)

I'll also be helping out at, where a lot of other great people will be helping you share Worldcon too! (They have to put up my picture and bio because I just sent it in now.)

Worldcon Schedule


When: 12:30 pm
Location: P-512AE
Title: Author Reading
Session ID: 223
All Participants: Jenny Rae Rappaport, Alma Alexander
Language: English
Track: Reading

When: 2:00 pm
Location: P-513B
Title: Twitter, Facebook, My Space: Social Media and Writing
Session ID: 766
All Participants: James Strauss, Jenny Rae Rappaport, Mary Robinette
Kowal, Walter Jon Williams, John Picacio
Description: What’s all the buzz about the new social media? Writing
short-short-short stories on Twitter??? Good grief! Is this networking
or a new way to write? Can tweets and Facebook updates be about more
than what you ate?
Language: English
Track: Creative Writing


When: 10:00 am
Location: P-512BF
Title: What Fans don't Understand about Publishing 1
Session ID: 487
All Participants: David Hartwell, Jenny Rae Rappaport, John A. Pitts,
Sean Wallace, Gardner Dozois
Language: English
Track: Human Culture

When: 1:00 pm
Location: D-Royer
Title: Writing Workshop K
Session ID: 682
All Participants: David D. Levine, Jenny Rae Rappaport
Description: Critique session for previously submitted manuscripts
Language: English
Track: Creative Writing

When: 7:00 pm
Location: P-511CF
Title: Studio Ghibli and Fantasy
Session ID: 261
All Participants: Jenny Rae Rappaport, Jessica Langer, L. Jagi
Lamplighter, Josianne Morel
Description: Why was “Howl's Moving Castle” a success and “Earthsea”
such a failure as an adaptation? Do certain works lend themselves to
anime? Did something get lost in the translation?
Language: English
Track: Media

When: 9:00 pm
Location: P-522B
Title: Advice for New Writers: Experienced Professionals Tell the
Secrets of Getting Published
Session ID: 764
All Participants: Jenny Rae Rappaport, Lou Anders, Walter Jon
Williams, Stanley Schmidt
Description: How to get published (not). In a liar’s panel, these
professional writers, editor and agent give a lot of advice. But maybe
new writers should be careful about taking it literally.
Language: English
Track: Creative Writing


When: 9:00 pm
Location: P-522B
Title: The Poetry Slam: Free Verse or Structured
Session ID: 746
All Participants: Camille Alexa, Elaine Isaak, Elissa Malcohn,
Geoffrey A. Landis, Jennifer Williams, Jenny Rae Rappaport, Mary
Turzillo, Richard Chwedyk, Sonya Taaffe
Description: Open mike competition: Panelists compete in a series of
readings of their poems in the coveted Worldcon Slam title bout.
Language: English
Track: Creative Writing


When: 12:30 pm
Location: P-511A
Title: Writing Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Geographic Terms
Session ID: 522
All Participants: Jenny Rae Rappaport, Kate Nepveu, L. Jagi
Lamplighter, Phoebe Wray, Jamie Nesbitt Golden, Tobias Buckell
Moderator: Kate Nepveu
Description: What should writers know when writing about geographic
distribution of racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. or other
countries? How have discrimination, segregation, migrations, and class
contributed to the geographic patterns seen today? If doing
near-future or future worldbuilding, what factors should writers
consider in their extrapolations?
Language: English
Track: Literature in English


Derek Molata said...

See you at the bar/parties. I assume we're still on for a drink at some point. :P

Soratian said...

Fascinating! Those panels look like they're going to be a blast.

On the Studio Ghibli one, yeah, Earthsea was such a letdown, wasn't it? I fell asleep mid-way, so it was definitely guilty of the sagging plot. It's unfortunate--and I was rooting for Goro Miyazaki too, making the film without his father's acceptance.