Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jenny's Pictorial Guide to the Hugos

I'm pretty sure my camera is completing the last slow gallop to its death, which makes sense since it's four years old and has been pretty much everywhere with me. Not all of my photos came out great, but I got enough of them to come out decently so I can post them. Be warned that this is a very, very picture-heavy post.

There are more pictures in this Flickr photo set. (ETA: They're higher resolution and look better than the embedded ones in the post, just to let you know.)

To start with, I got dressed and got ready and rode the elevator down in the Delta. That's Montreal in the background.

I met John and Rob in the convention center for the Hugo reception, which is held before the actual ceremony. Rob and I got to be John's dates for the evening. John was accepting for John Klima (Electric Velocipede), Gordon Van Gelder, and Charles Coleman Finlay. John forgot the invitation to the Hugo reception, so he had to go back to his hotel. I took pictures because I was bored.

This is Rob and the colored glass of the convention center.

Then, John came back, and we went upstairs to the seventh floor of the convention center. We were early, so I took more pictures!

This is Ellen Datlow.

This is Frank Wu and his wife, Brianna.

This is me!

This is John, me, and Rob. Notice how I'm totally dressed up for the three of us.

This is John, Yves Meynard, who was the co-host of the ceremony, and Ellen Datlow.

Then, more people started showing up! This is Campbell nominee, Aliette de Bodard and her fiance.

This is Elizabeth Bear and Amanda Downum.

This is the famous Teddy, child employee of Locus. She is a total pip and I adore her. =)

The Scalzis, looking awfully serious. One would imagine you would look serious if you were up for three Hugos.

Then, finally, they let us into the reception, where they had wine and very tasty finger food. This is Mary Robinette Kowal, rocking this dress. Bear, Amanda, and I decided that Mary shouldn't be allowed to attend events with the rest of us because she looks so good.

This is Paul Cornell, clearly excited to be here. I think this is the favorite picture of all I took!

This is Cory Doctorow and his lovely wife, Alice. That's Cory's wedding suit, apparently, and he was very excited to wear it.

This is my buddy, Paolo Bacigalupi.

We all mingled for quite awhile, and then they started introducing the designer of the Hugo base, Dave Howell. We all gathered round and ooh-ed and aah-ed, until they unveiled it.

This is the unveiled Hugo.

After that, we mingled some more, and they started photographing the nominees in their respective categories. I took some more pictures, until I abandoned that for a glass of wine. Then, they gave us seating instructions, and herded us out to go sit in the fancy seats, otherwise known as rows 2-6. Thrilling, I know.

And then we had an awards ceremony! The details of that have been repeated many other places, but I have a few favorite shots to round out the evening before my camera batteries died. Several of them are of the big screen, since I was too far away for closer shots.

This is David Anthony Durham, looking flabbergasted at his Campbell win.

This is John Klima's Hugo at John's feet, after he had accepted it.

This is Bear looking very, very emotional as she accepted her Hugo for Best Novelette.

Here are a bunch of the Hugo winners posing on the stage after the ceremony.

And finally, to wrap it up, here are Jonathan Strahan holding Ted Chiang's Hugo, Teddy of Locus, and John Joseph Adams holding John Klima's Hugo.

I hope you have enjoyed your pictorial guide to the Hugos! =)


Thacher said...

At my store today was a woman who was there working with Neil Gaiman, talking about her experience at the Con, and specifically about meeting Paul Cornell. I only know him from his comics work, and she was there to pick up Captain Britain & MI13 trades. It's nice to hear from both you and her that he's a nice guy in addition to being a great writer.

Fay said...

Looks like a lot of fun =)

God, that little girl is a darling.

Mary Robinette Kowal said...

Thanks, Jenny! I think you're the only person who managed to get a floor length photo of the thing. Mom will be pleased.

I also adore the Paul Cornell photo.

AAron said...

Thanks Jenny. I've sent 'the famous Teddy' a link to her photo.
Send me an email and I'll send you her email address.

Kosmo said...

Great pics, Jenny! Thanks for posting those.

Cantrell said...

I'm a big fan of Corey Doctorow -- both his views on copyright, and his books. I read "Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town" a couple of years ago, and while it was one of stranger books I've read, I really liked it. Just started "Little Brother" last night. Very good so far.

Would like to meet Corey someday.