Thursday, August 06, 2009

Worldcon, Day 2: The Brave Seven

Today, which started a bit before I wrote the first post, began with me waking up and deciding I was too tired to get to a 9:30 breakfast at wherever John Joseph Adams and his friend, Rob, are staying. I was going to go back to sleep, but then Aliette de Bodard e-mailed me back... and I realized that she and T. L. Morganfield were in the lobby of the Delta... so I went and had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. And while it was good, it was somewhat expensive for breakfast, so I think I will attempt to eat elsewhere from now. But oh boy, they had croissants. I adore croissants. I wish I could subsist on them. =)

After breakfast, I went back, blogged, and then went to get ready for my author reading. I'm not sure why they gave ME an author reading, since I havent published any fiction. . .yet. . .but I was honored nonetheless.

And I'd like to personally thank each and every one of the seven people who stayed for the entire half hour. Thank you. =) I know that I'm not Alma Alexander (who was supposed to share my reading spot, but couldn't make it), but thank you, nonetheless! I read "The Black Veils" and "The Taste of Memory", if you'd like a reference. I need to do a polish on the second story, but I'm hoping to place "The Black Veils" at some point. =) It was nice to be a bit of a writer at the con too. And Ellen from Odyssey came, which was lovely! Thank you, Ellen! =)

When the reading was over, I retreated to the program participant Green Room for a bit. Had some water and maple cookies (Oh, Canada, how I heart you =), and then went back to find my second panel. I got to debate the merits of Twitter, Facebook, and social media with John Picacio, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Walter Jon Williams. I knew everyone, but Walter--who claims that he's boring online and in person--but who I found to be lovely. I wish that I could have chatted more with him, but he left shortly after the panel. Twitter was down during our panel; oh, the irony. Well, it was down for me on Twitterberry; John seemed to get through fine on Tweetdeck.

I'm running out of time before dinner, but quickly: hot chocolate/coffee with Mary Robinette Kowal; prowling the dealer's room and getting a copy of ODD AND THE FROST GIANTS by Neil Gaiman; talking to Ross Lockhart at Night Shade's table; seeing Jeremy Lassen in the dealer's room, who was rocking a curry-colored suit; meeting a very, very sleep-deprived Patrick Rothfuss (he's very nice); hanging with the Locus crew, meeting Liza's new darling baby, and finally getting to meet Cory Doctorow in person.

And that's been my day so far. =) I'm off to change into fresh clothes, and head out to take my clients out for fancy French food at Le Bourlingeuer. Yum, yum. =)

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Why am I getting a craving for Maple Cookies now?