Monday, August 10, 2009

Worldcon Day 5: Returned by ducklings

Neil Gaiman's Clarionite ducklings, to be precise. One is Megan and one is Keffy and one is Emily and one is Kat, I think. They are nice, although, well, ducklings. =) It's sort of weird to feel like I'm the experienced one from working in the industry for four years and being around cons, but I am. Perhaps I'm turning into a duck? Or a swan? I could deal with being a swan. =)

I'm exhausted, by the way. There was no Neil Gaiman with the ducklings, for those that will ask, although I observed him being mobbed by fans earlier in the evening.

I will write more tomorrow, once I get up or get back to NJ. I return back home tomorrow, btw.


Went to the pre-Hugo reception with John Joseph Adams and Rob. Saw a lot of awesome people, took a ton of pictures, hung out with Teddy (of Locus fame) who is my new con best friend. (Teddy is 9.) Went to the actual Hugos. Enjoyed those. Went to the Hugo Losers party. Enjoyed that until they put the food away after about 20 minutes and it got positively mobbed by gatecrashers. Went upstairs and changed into normal clothes, found JJA, Rob, and Irene Gallo, and adjourned to the Intercontinental bar. There were lots and lots of people at the bar and we hung out in a corner and were sleepy and very hungry (according to Rob, I complained about being hungry for four straight hours; he also had four beers over four hours, which seems to be commensurate with my complaining).

The IC bar shut down, but the glorious Pablo Defendini invited us up to his room for a Rock Band party. Alas, Rock Band was not to be, but Liz Gorinsky ordered food, and we all hung out and talked and really had fun. For my own notes, the following people were there, so I remember to try and talk about them in the next post: me, Pablo, Liz, Irene, JJA, Rob, John Picacio, Lou Anders, Paolo Bacigalupi, the Clarionite ducklings, Paul Cornell, Geoff Ryman, and Jeremy Lassen. It was intimate and lovely and Liz made my day by ordering pizza for us to ravenously consume.

Now I am back, and it's time to sleep before I have to get up to yell at the hotel that I want a late checkout.

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