Friday, August 07, 2009

Worldcon: In the bathroom with Neil Gaiman

No, you're not reading the subject line wrong.

Dear Internet, I had one of the most bizarre and interesting experiences of the day tonight. I was at the Tor party, in fact, had been at the Tor party for at least a good two hours. I was watching my friends get slightly drunker and the room fill up even more.

And then Neil Gaiman walked in. With Neil, came an entire entourage of people that he had taught at Clarion last year. Including Keffy, who is friends with one of my best friends, Spencer Ellsworth. I wanted to talk to Keffy more, since I hadn't been feeling great at Wiscon, when I first met him. That was easier said than done. It involved being crushed against the bar downstairs for another ten minutes, and then finally making my way up the stairs to the second level (there were two levels). Once I achieved the goal of getting off the stairs, I was unable to move any further. I was hemmed in by Neil Gaiman and John Scalzi talking in front of me, Keffy to my right, and a crowd of people behind me. There was no going anywhere.

Keffy and I endured. I couldn't really talk to him because there was no way to talk, as we got pushed back and forth several times by people attempting to get up to see Neil. I managed to witness Robert Sawyer jumping on the bed, by glimpsing past people's heads. And then Kyle Cassidy, the photographer, turned up, and Neil started shouting, "Kyle's got a fish eye lens! Let's all go into the bathroom!".

Keffy followed Neil. I followed Keffy. Someone else followed me.

And that is how I found myself standing in a bathroom that had a bathtub full of beer. Neil Gaiman was directly behind me. Clarion people were all around me. The door was closed and Kyle Cassidy was standing on the toilet, his head touching the ceiling, as he told us to smile and shot many, many pictures with his fish eye lens.

It was very, very neat in a completely weird way.


disorderly said...

Somehow, this makes stuffing clowns in a tiny circus car or college students in a phone booth seem dull. ;-)

Worldcon sounds like it was exhausting, productive and...strange.

CKHB said...

Please tell me that you will get copies of these photos? And, post them?

aimee said...

This entry should be rewritten as a song, to the tune of "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dinah", I think.

Kristin Laughtin said...

You must inform us when these pictures end up online.

Lorin said...

You saw this, right?

via scalzi.

Jenny Rae Rappaport said...

Lorin, yes, but that's just the stupid Clarion people. I'M NOT IN THAT ONE.

Rebecca Knight said...

Haha, I saw those pics earlier today and wondered what the story behind it was :). So cool that you were there!

Robert W. Leonard said...

Now that is hilarious. What an odd weekend, huh?