Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Worldcon Wrapup

I'm going to upload all my Worldcon pictures in a bit, and then put them on Flickr, and then do a selected pictorial post of the Hugos. John Klima, if you read this, I have several pictures of your individual Hugo, since John Joseph Adams accepted it for you.

In the meantime, I thought it would be good to list all the good things about this Worldcon.

  1. The food. Literally, the food. I ate my way through Montreal. I can heartily recommend Les Pyrenees, Le Bourlingeuer, and Totally Natural/Stew Stop in Old Montreal. I had dinners at all of them, and they rocked. I cannot wholeheartedly recommend the food at the Delta Centre-Ville, but among their specialties, I particularly enjoyed the creme brulee and the croissants. Also, for a chain, Van Hoote has some mighty fine hot chocolate.
  2. Doing an anime panel at 7pm at night and having over 100 people for it. That was seriously cool.
  3. Entertaining a packed room at a 9pm panel with Walter Jon Williams. It was supposed to be a liar's panel about publishing, but Lou Anders couldn't make it (he was accepting an award), so it ended up being about ten minutes of joking and fifty minutes of serious publishing advice. Walter and I held our own pretty well, I think, and I even got to interview him about his publishing history and his thoughts on James Michener. I should also go read one of his books now... (Walter's books, I mean, not Michener; I've read most of Michener's)
  4. Doing a race panel, which I had dreaded, but which turned out to be great. Tobias Buckell was on it with me, as well as four lovely women whose names have escaped me. They were great though.
  5. Getting to buy Paolo Bacigalupi's new book, THE WINDUP GIRL. It is made of sheer awesomeness, and if you love science fiction, you will go buy it now. Not later. Now.
  6. Getting Paolo to sign my book, which was also great. =) It's so nice to get personalized books when you know the authors.
  7. Meeting my client, Colin Harvey, for the first time!
  8. Catching up with the rest of my clients who were there, and talking business and fun with all of them.
  9. Meeting the Angry Robot guys! Meeting Angstrom, their dear robot, as well.
  10. Meeting people I hadn't met before, even though I talk to them online and through e-mail, including Aliette de Bodard, Cheryl Morgan, Kyle Cassidy, and Neil Gaiman.
  11. Getting a chance to see my Odyssey classmate, Brad Hafford, again. I missed Buck, who was there too, but I saw Brad!
  12. The Tor party, as usual.
  13. All of the closed parties, including the impromptu one that Pablo threw in his room and the Night Shade one whose door I had to kick to get in. =)
  14. Meeting lots and lots of new friends, including Julie, Annie, Teddy, and many others.
  15. Getting to be a "pro" in the Writer's Workshop along with Colin Harvey and David D. Levine. Listening to David and Colin compare writing process was fascinating.
  16. Getting the chance to talk to lots and lots and lots of people. If you haven't figured out by now, I am a natural extrovert. I thrive on cons. I thrive on talking to people. I'm home now and I dearly love my husband and my cat... but they're not lots and lots of people. =)
  17. Finding out that there's a good chance that John and I can be on the cover of THE LIVING DEAD 2, since the artist, David Palumbo, lives down in Philly. I get to be a zombie! How cool is that?
  18. Discovering that all of my friends in science fiction seem to know how gullible I am, and that they all enjoy teasing me, especially the guys. Oh woe is me.
  19. The Hugos.
  20. Getting treated as a professional based on being a literary agent, but also getting the chance to talk about my own writing. I really enjoyed being able to wear both hats.
Most of all, I loved that I got to meet so many other cool people whose names I haven't mentioned. I will miss the fact that I'm not going to Australia next year, but I will be at World Fantasy this year, and there's a small chance that I may pop over to the UK for World Horror/Eastercon. If I do that, I will definitely hold some sort of meetup in London, where if you're in the UK, you can come meet me in a coffee shop and babble at me. I babble back. Sounds fun, doesn't it? =)


Robert W. Leonard said...

I'm glad you had a good time. And I don't think you were wrong at all to post critiques of the convention. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to coordinate everything, but honest critiques should be noted. I mean... that is your specialty.

Aliette de Bodard said...

It was awesome meeting you (and I agree: the food in Montreal is sumptous). Do let me know if you make it to the UK for Eastercon: I'll definitely be around...

Selestial said...

It was great meeting you! Hope we can get together at some future con too :D