Friday, September 11, 2009

Long day

I seem to be in total conference blogging mode this year, so look, another post!

Everyone in Colorado is lovely.

I did an agent panel with six other agents, and we were so crammed on the stage that we could have toppled people off like dominoes. We were good and behaved though. =) I then went and did a three hour long critique session of people's manuscripts, where I got to do mini-lectures on writing craft, which was a total blast.

I socialized and talked to a prospective client, then joined Janet Reid and Kaitlin Heller of Del Rey, along with a group of other lovely people, where we dissected the intricacies of novels involving ex-nuns who were also Miss America winners and brilliant physicists. Then, dinner! I ate dinner! I talked to more interesting people.

And now, in a stunning event, I'm going to call my husband and then go to bed by 8:30pm. The world may end, be prepared...

....there are pitch sessions starting at 8:30 am and I MUST be caffeinated...

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